Off Duty: Sunday coffee date outfit

Welcome to my first “Off duty” post! In these post I’m hoping to give you updates about what I’m up to when I’m not scooping or at the hospital. Think of it as a way for us to “catch up.” I have been listing a bunch of new recipe ideas that are inspiring me to get back to blogging consistently but it’s fun to talk about things other than food too!

A few updates…..I’m still living in Somerville, working as a nurse part-time and managing an ice cream store part-time. I still live with my best friend, Monica, but we have a couple new additions….


Gordon moved in and we bought a kitten! Meet Penelope! She’s not the bulldog I’ve been dreaming about for years but she’s low maintenance and I’m the favorite so we’re keeping her.

Another update is that I’ve been doing CrossFit for a few months now and I love it! My CrossFit gym offers bootcamp classes and I’ve been going about twice a week. I feel stronger and leaner and it’s amazing. But more on that another time!


Today I’m bringing you my first fashion post! I’ve done a review of a Stitch Fix before (…might be time for another one) but this is my first “I tried to put an outfit together by myself” post. Since my jobs require me to wear scrubs or jeans and a t-shirt, I try to take advantage and break out all the accessories and non practical footwear when I have a full day off! This weekend I had to work overnight at the hospital on Saturday but Gordon and I went for a coffee date and a walk on the community path once I woke up on Sunday. It was the perfect fall day in Boston and we tried to take advantage by getting outside.

I’ve been loving all the fall trends coming out and wanted to share the outfit I put together for our afternoon on Sunday! I’ve linked similar, if not the actual, items below. Quite of few of these pieces were bought a season or two ago so I tried my best.


Glasses / Similar earrings / Similar vest / Same purse (different color) / Similar purse / Flannel / Jeans / Similar boots / Similar boots 

These are my newest pair of glasses. I got them in the Spring and have gotten so many compliments! It’s pretty funny to me because this is the first pair in 12! years that I picked out without any assistance from mom/best friend/boyfriend. I always appreciate input since I’m not the one staring at my face all day, but it was such an ego booster to have my most complimented pair be the one I picked out on my own. These are the ones I was wearing before this pair.

I scored very similar earrings at J.Crew factory about a month ago and am obsessed! They’re big enough without being overbearing or in the way. Mine are a little more white and go with everything so I wear them often!

I got my vest from Gap last season. It has a big furry hood and is so so so warm. A little tip, I find that Gap outwear can run short, but they usually sell tall online! That’s what I did with this vest. I linked a similar one above!


This flannel I actually just picked up this past weekend. Usually I buy brighter ones but was drawn to these dark colors for fall. I didn’t have time to try it on but was so excited when I got home and it was long and soft. And it’s under $20!

I bought these jeans years ago at Kohl’s for like $15. They are what made me fall in love with Lauren Conrad’s clothing line. I love the patterns she uses and everything fits true to size. It’s affordable and really good quality, I’ve never had any issues with any pieces. She also makes some really cute jewelry!


Confession time: I bought these boots on clearance at Sears in high school. Ha ha! I’ve loved them so much that I haven’t been able to get rid of them, even after all this time. I love that they hit right at the knee and have a small enough heel that they are comfortable but still give me a little height! I love the above the knee suede boot trending currently happening this fall but haven’t been able to justify buying another pair of boots, so I’m happy I’ve kept these. I obviously couldn’t find them online, but linked similar ones above!

And….just for kicks….some outtakes from my first attempt at a fashion post…


Hopefully I’ll get better at this! I’ve got some delicious (and easy) recipes planned for Wednesday and Friday posts so check back then!



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