Hello from the other side

Holy smokes it’s been a while! In my defense, I have been working absurd amounts. The hospital rolled out with a new documentation system so I’ve been working 24-32 hours a week there while still working the usual 20-25 at the ice cream store….and flipping day and night. Thankfully this is my last insane week. Yes, I’ve been eating like crud and haven’t been working out. This past week though the weather has been so nice and it’s motivated me to get outside and get moving again. I’m really hoping as my schedule calms down a little bit I’ll have more time to meal prep and make better choices as well as sleep a little bit better.

I religiously follow Juli over on PaleOMG and I am obsessed with her food, fashion, and workouts. She recently got married and shared some “at home” workouts. She is an avid cross-fitter which seems intimidating but she shared some workouts that I adapted and made my own. It feel good to work hard and have a super sweaty workout completed in 30 minutes!


This weeks workouts:

Tuesday: 2 mile jog on the treadmill



21-14-7 (1).jpg

Thursday: 4mile walk/run outside!




Friday: Repeat(ish) of Wednesday workout!



And on the agenda for today is a 30minute interval run at the gym before scooping! Feeling motivated to sign up for some road races so gotta keep my butt running!

Here are some eats in my recent photos:

(not pictured is pizza, pasta, and wine wine wine.)