Nurse eats

Happy happy Monday! Feels like Spring in Boston, which makes for perfect running and ice cream weather, which makes me a happy pup. I worked at the hospital allllll weekend. Friday 7am-7pm, Saturday 7am-3pm, and Sunday 7pm-7am this morning. I haven’t worked that many days in a row in months since I was full time. I was totally pooped and the fact that I was in the “I just wanna nap” stage of Whole 30 wasn’t helpful. Find out what yesterdays night shift and night shift prep looked like below!



10am: Wakey wakey, eggs and bacy!!

11am: Meal planning and grocery list making with G

1pm: Grocery store! G was so kind to help me make a better menu this week as last week I wasn’t psyched about some of my eats. We totally crushed the grocery store and I got some yummy stuff to eat this week!

230pm: It was 60 degrees outside so we went for a walk on the community path!


4pm-5pm: Nap. I usually try to nap for at least 2 hours before a twelve but it just didn’t happen. Ugh.

5pm-6pm: Shower and pack my work bag. I made a smoothie to drink on the way to work with spinach, frozen fruit and coconut milk.

7pm-9pm: Get report, chat with day shift friends, put some eyeballs on all my peeps, medicate, draw labs, all sorts of good stuff.

915pm: There was a birthday on a floor and when I walked into the break room to heat up my dinner I was faced with this…..


930pm: Heated up some spaghetti squash with meat sauce and ate it in front of my computer since the cheese and chips and guac and kit kats wouldn’t stop talking to me.


10pm-12am: Another round of medications, repositions, walks to the bathroom, juice delivery, chatting with patients, and note writing.

1230am: Snack time. 2 blood oranges.


2am: Still hungry. Granny smith apple with a packet of Justin’s almond butter.

230m: They over headed a code on another floor saying they needed compression assistance for CPR. Another nurse and I went over but there were already so many people in line that we decided it would be smarter for us to head back to the floor so we were safely staffed.

3am: More notes. More bathroom trips. More meds.

345am: Hungry again. And have to pee. And super tired. One of my patients goes into Afib w/ RVR. (Their heart was beating very fast in a different rhythm.) We were able to give them some medication to get their heart rate down and they were ok.

430am: Medications. Vitals. Lab draws. Repositioning.

5am: Finally get to the bathroom. Lemon lara bar and a cup of tea to try and keep me awake. Wrap up some notes and documenting.


6am: Feel like I’m a rockstar for keeping everyone alive and do some final rounds, repositions, meds, and bathroom trips. I’m greeted by pee on the floor and an almost pulled out feeding tube.

715am: Run to my car. Windows down and music up to stay awake on the drive home.

745 am: Crawl into bed after the standard pee, brush teeth, wash face routine.



Since I don’t work multiple nights in a row anymore, I try to only sleep until 1 to still make the most of my day off. This way I am also still able to fall asleep at a normal time despite being up the entire night before.



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