I threw up at Tabata today.

(Warning…this post talks about vomiting and uses like 5 different terms to describe it.)

Yup. That’s the truth. I tried to be a good doobey and went to a 7am class. It was only 45 minutes so I figured I’d get a quick and good sweat in and be set to enjoy the rest of the day. Well…..that instructor made us jump around for like 15 minutes straight. After my 1,000th burpee/squat jump/hop I felt like I was about to throw everywhere. At first I started laughing because in my whole 23 years of life I have NEVER thrown up from working out. Not even during field hockey in college, and that sh*t was brutal.


I stopped laughing once I realized I needed to leave the room before I actually vommed everywhere. So I scooted to the bathroom and something awful happened… Someone was in there! Isn’t that the worst? So I did some deep breathing in the stall until she left and then proceeded to dramatically spit up water and cry since I’m physically incapable of not crying when I throw up. I chilled in the bathroom for a second and had an internal battle of “Do I Irish goodbye this workout class and sacrifice my water bottle I left in there? Or do I toughen up and keep jumping around and risk ralphing again?” I decided to take the boot and rally route since I knew I didn’t actually have anything in my stomach to throw up and I needed a good workout since I was on vacation last week and only worked out twice. (And ate at Paula Dean’s restaurant.)

I managed to make it through the rest of class okay but did modifications and moved pretty slow. The instructor kept yelling (nicely) for everyone to move faster and I almost stood up and screamed “B*tch, please. I just threw up and CAME BACK for you.” If only that were appropriate…. Anyways, I felt 10000x better with just walking out of the studio knowing no one was going to yell at me to jump for the rest of the day. I got home and ate some egg bake with fruit. (Xtina and I know ketchup isn’t whole 30, you don’t have to tell us.)


I’m scooping this afternoon and brought along some snacks to have for lunch including tuna+guac+pepper and the cabbage I made last night.

IMG_8066.JPG IMG_8056.JPG


Can’t forget the bucha….




Ever throw up during a workout? Do you cry when you throw up? Just a me thing? Okay, cool.


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