Easy weeknight dinners

Hey scoopers! Rough day for ice cream up in Boston since it’s been snowing since 6am! The store will still open later this afternoon, curious to see if people still come in. Good day for a brownie sundae…mmm…

I’ve been on a “treat yo self” kick. I got a pedicure yesterday, just got my hair cut and then a massage later today. I wanted to stop in first and share my weeknight eats from this week. They were so easy, tasty and clean! All the meals below took anywhere from one minute to thirty minutes to make. Check ’em out!

Chicken Salsa Paleo Tacos


These suckers were so easy and fan-flipping-tastic. I will share my not so secret chicken salsa recipe on the blog next time I make it. I topped the chicken with some Wholly Guacamole and stuffed it all in a tortilla made from my new fave cookbook. (Tip of advice: don’t eat these in front of people. I got lucky and had an empty apartment when I made them.)

Tuna & Guac


I think I saw someone do this on Pintrest one time so I’m going to take zero credit. But dang, what a quick and tasty lunch. I literally just threw these two guys in my bag when I was running late the other morning and found a can opener at work. Next time I wanna try it with some lettuce wraps! (Also, shout out to Wholly Guac’s ingredient list….it’s my newest obsession.)

Salmon with Brussel Sprouts


Send help! Court doesn’t know how to cook Salmon!! It took some googling and pacing around the kitchen and drinking and roomie moral support….it was stressful. It came out OK, but wasn’t like making me jump outta my pants with excitement. Anyone have any tips? I also paired it with these Brussel Sprouts (another amazing cookbook find) which was a little weird combo. Alas, a quick, easy, and healthy meal!

Burger, Sweet Potato Fries, and Brussel Sprouts


So I follow a bunch of fit and paleo ladies on instagram (and A LOT of puppy accounts) to keep me inspired when it comes to food and exercise. Anyways, those chicks are all about the burgers. And guess what? I am too. I was bummed about not putting cheese on it but I just threw some mustard, ketchup (ugh, not paleo. go ahead, shoot me. I DON’T CARE.), and banana peppers (because banana peppers are the bomb) on top and it hit the spot. I also ate some more “brussel sprout salad” (this is probably the point where I should admit that I called this side dish a salad all week but really it was like apples and walnuts with bacon fat and herbs. Don’t care, it was delish. I think I’m gonna start calling bacon salad. Like that time my dad told me chickens were cows. Ha.). I also had some of these spicy sweet potato fries that were good but would have been better with some dip that wasn’t ketchup. I made double of this dinner and had leftovers for lunch the next day.

Chicken Sausages with Spaghetti Squash


‘effing GOLD STAR SHOUT OUT to my friend Kim from work. (Hey, Kim, you just won my first born! 😉 ) She saw my instagram post b**ching about cooking spaghetti squash and told me to try it in the crock pot. I stabbed the crap outta my squash and then threw it on high for 4 hours in an inch of water just like Kim told me to. It was magic. No almost cutting my finger off. No being sad I couldn’t get all the strands out. SO EASY. (Sorry for all the swears, I’m just so excited.) I topped it with marinara sauce and then these chicken sausages. I love Al Fresco products because I can read everything on the ingredient list. This flavor had mango in it which was a fun twist!

What’s your go-to easy weeknight dinner? Anyone out there know how to cook salmon? Bueller?



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