Pale – wtf?


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, or have seen me in the past week, you probably already know that I’m trying to incorporate a more Paleo-esque diet. I’ve never been good at following diets or rules, but I’m starting to realize that what I put in my trap has a direct link to how I feel. Crazy, huh? Only took me 23 years and a nursing degree to figure that one out…. But here’s the problem. I’m a professional scooper and ice cream lover. Don’t worry too much…..I still believe in balance….and that I can make Paleo ice cream.


Anyways, my mom got me a Paleo cookbook for Christmas which sparked this motivation. I’ve been making some awesome recipes and have also learned that eating healthy is easier when what you’re eating makes you feel good. Last weekend, I learned gluten is evil. I didn’t eat gluten for three days unintentionally and then ate a taco and had, um, “digestive issues” for 8 hours. 8 HOURS. Ugh. Awful. Thank god girls don’t poop or fart. (All I can think about right now is the South Park episode where that guy talks about gluten making your penis fly off. Thats all I’m gonna say about that because my mom reads this…)

Anyways, if you don’t know anything about Paleo I’ll give you a quick run down. Basically it’s the “caveman” diet. It’s eating non-processed whole foods that our ancestors ate. (Read: no grains or dairy.) The thought is that it is eating foods that our bodies were made to eat and tolerate well. It also is a low-inflammatory diet. A lot of people think it can be too restrictive and “crazy” but the thought of eating whole, real foods is super appealing to me.


The hardest part of adhering to a Paleo lifestyle for me is: remembering to food prep, eating out/social events, ice cream/alcohol. I have no interest in living a life that doesn’t involve ice cream or wine but I am interested to see how I can modify it to have a good balance. Anyways, below are some pictures of my most recent Paleo creations and links to some Paleo blogs that I love!



Good stuff, good stuff. That pulled pork eggs benny with chimichurri hollandaise sauce changed my life. Now go check out PaleOMG and Stupid Easy Paleo. These ladies really know what they are talking about and make paleo so appealing!



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