Winter Sangria

Happy two and half weeks until Christmas!!!


I bought that ridiculous elf hat/beard at CVS the other day to wear at the ice cream store for a holiday parade. I went to my parents house after for dinner and decided to wear it while walking in the house to surprise my niece, Kathryn. When I walked in everyone BUT Kathryn was sitting at the dinner table and all looked at me funny. Two minutes later Kathryn comes out of the bathroom decked out in a princess outfit. When she saw me, she stopped dead in her tracks are said “What the heck are you doing? You’re so silly” She’s too much.

Today I went for a run with Christina. Running with her is the best because she totally kicks my butt and pushes me harder than if I were to work out alone.


Felt good to start my day with a run and spending time with my friend!


(Holy crazy eyes….yikes!)

Anyways, let’s get to the good stuff. Last weekend Monica and I made a batch of Sangria. And it was so dang good that I’m gonna share our recipe with you guys!


Holiday Sangria


1 grapefruit

1 apple

2 limes

2 handfuls of frozen cranberries

1 bottle of sparkling cider

1 1.5L bottle of Sauvignon blanc

Serves ~4 people who like to be tipsy have a good time. Calories don’t count. And fruit is healthy. 


Step 1: Wash and cut up fruit and place in pitcher

Step 2: Add wine

Step 3: Let sit for about 30min-1hour so fruit and wine can mingle. (We were um….thirsty…….so we skipped this step.)

Step 4: Pour into a glass and enjoy!



What’s your favorite holiday drink?

I love red wine with dinner and spiked egg nog with dessert!



One thought on “Winter Sangria

  1. Jill Wasylow says:

    I ran with Christina once too.. and had to sit on a bench while she completed it! So props to you haha I enjoy hot chocolate with Bailey’s on a cold winter night. Yum!

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