Pizza, ice cream, beer, couch

All good things…….in moderation.

I know I’ve been absent. I’m sorry. But I’m gonna tell you the truth….when I’m not writing here and chatting with you guys, I’m eating pizza and other crap while sitting on my couch and not going to the gym. After Thanksgiving I got a little cold, and worked an overnight, so I was in a bad spot.

But I’m back! I was having a tough time writing this post because I felt guilty. I was thinking “Court, you failed. This is supposed to be a health and fitness blog….what the eff are you doing?” But then I reminded myself that we are human and we make mistakes. And then I reminded myself that this blog is to document my journey to establishing a healthy and balanced life and I never expected it to just go smoothly.

So today I kick started by getting some zzz’s and then going to the gym to do a strength training circuit by myself. I was anxious because Christina came with me last time and helped me get through it. Today I had to rely on myself.


This is the workout I did:

Each exercise 8-12 times depending

Warm up: 1 mile jog

Circuit 1:

lunge twists

bicep/hammer curls

suitcase carrier



Circuit 2:

chest press


15 bicycles

20 sec of mountain climbers


Circuit 3:


20 toe touches

20 jumping jacks


I was planning on doing sprints at the end but was pretty wiped and also pretty hungry so I went home and made a smoothie. (My hunger was triggered by a man I saw eating a bar WHILE biking. What a power move…)



1 frozen banana

3/4 cups of frozen mixed berries

1 vanilla chobani

enough OJ to get everything going


It hit the spot! I was so happy to get back to working out and am already looking forward to hitting the treadmill tomorrow and then scoop some ice cream 🙂


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