FTWF #14

Happy Friday! This post is coming to you from the ice cream store! Tough day of scooping and testing ice cream 😉 This morning I slept in a little and then did 3 sweaty miles on the treadmill. Good stuff! I know I missed last weeks FTWF but let’s get back on track!

Taco Salad


I was craving tacos Chipotle this week but was trying to get back on track with healthy eating and also trying to be better about money with Christmas coming up. I subbed for this taco salad that was soooo easy to make! I seasoned browned meat with taco seasoning and then topped some greens with it and added cheese and salsa. Yum!

Gingerbread House Day


Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving we decorate gingerbread houses. Believe it or not my mom actually makes those houses from scratch….she’s unreal. It’s such a fun tradition that kicks off the Christmas season.

Baby selfies


Me and Maddie on Thanksgiving 🙂 she was being saucy…..

Christmas decorations


I tried to start decorating the store for Christmas! It’s a little overwhelming but starting with baby steps. My dad put some lights up at my parent’s house and it looks awesome!

This Library


DREAM HOUSE ALERT. I need to start watching the new season of Fixer Uppers !

Hilarious squirrel


A week late but…..Me. Every year.


Hope you all have a good weekend!



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