Guys. I lifted weights for the first time in a long time on Saturday. I don’t usually do strength training but want to add it to my exercise routine. I forgot how damn good it feels to be sore from working out!


Christina was a super great workout partner because she has a degree in exercise science and works at a gym as a health/wellness coach. I don’t know much about lifting weights so she was kind enough to let me drag her to the gym. She showed me how to do all the exercises before we did them and made sure to check in with me throughout the work out.



Here’s our workout below:

Each exercise completed 10-12 times, each circuit completed 3 times:

Circuit 1:

Chest press (12.5lbs)

Lunges (12.5 lbs)

Ball rollouts


Circuit 2:

Goblet squats (10lb plate)

Plank rows (7.5lbs)

Get-ups (10lb plate)


Circuit 3:

Suitcase carries (20lb)

Shoulder press (10lb)



Sprint 0.25 miles

25 Toe touches

Sprint 0.25 miles

25 Bicycles


Christina kicked my butt with this workout!! We were supposed to sprint two more rounds but I couldn’t hang. Oops. I also did fewer reps of the plank rows, get-ups and burpees because they were so so hard for me. It felt good to work hard and do something new besides running and yoga. I’m hoping to start adding strength training into my routine 2x/week.

What’s your favorite strength training exercise?


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