FTWF #13 (on a Saturday)

Happy Saturday Friday! Oops. Let’s pretend it’s Friday again, you guys ok with that? I am!

This week was exciting, overwhelming, and good-busy. I’m getting my feet underneath me at the ice cream store and it was nice to be at the hospital a couple days too.

For those of you who are new to the blog, every Friday I share what I think is awesome that week. It’s been come to be known as “For the win Friday.” Let’s get to it!

Texts from Bubba


My dad and I both watch The Walking Dead and usually will chat about it later in the week. I am still a week behind and don’t know if Glen is alive but my dad sent me this text. (Sidenote: I still don’t know if it’s true as my dad has a tendency to mess with my mind. He would point to cows and call them chickens when I was little.) As mad as I was, I couldn’t help but laugh at his response. That man is insane. (Must be where I get it from…)

Milkshakes with Shanny


Shanny and I checked out Burger Dive at Assembly row the other night and got their spiked milkshakes. They were soooooooo delicious. I got a Mudslide and she got a Drunken Monkey. The burgers were delicious too!

Nike sneakers

These sneaks are so sick! I haven’t worn Nike sneakers since middle school but I think it’s time I give them another shot. These look so comfortable and are so cool looking. I love lightweight sneakers with fun colors and I think these will fit the bill.

Jcrew Coat

I just bought this coat on super sale in grey and I love it. I think I’m going to let my mom give it to me as a Christmas gift but it’s going to be hard not wearing it! (I might have to crack.) Monica has this coat in Dusty Ginger and it’s beautifullllll.

Hilarious Giraffes 


Frank is my spirit animal.


I’m off to enjoy the day and let Christina kick my butt in the gym! Have a good weekend peeps, hope you’re off doing something fun!


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