ScoopingRN becomes a reality

Hi all. Some big news over here. Starting tomorrow my hours at the hospital go down to 20 hours a week. What am I going to be doing with the rest of my time? Training tigers. Just kidding, I will be managing an ice cream store. For serious.

Did I already lose you guys? You think I’m crazy? Maybe I am. It’s ok, I’m cool with it.


Let me make something very clear….I love being a nurse. I am so blessed to have gotten my degree in a field I love and am even more blessed to be practicing in a prestigious facility. I am so thankful my patients allow me to be a part of their lives and take care of them. I am forever indebted to my coworkers who motivate me to be a better nurse everyday and who take care of me. I am so thankful that my “calling” in my life is to take care of others. To be what one of my patients described as “a ray of sunshine in a night of chaos.” It is a privilege to meet the people I do and be a part of their lives.  However, it can be such a difficult job.

I’ve been working as a nurse full time for a year and a half.  In nurse years, that’s not much. However, I have learned so much (and still have so much to learn). I love where I work and who I work with. But honestly, I haven’t been very happy. Floor nursing is very draining….mentally, physically, and emotionally. In my first year of nursing I was so concerned with my skills and getting accustomed to the flow of the unit. After I gained some more confidence and my fears took a back seat, the emotional aspect of my job started to hit me…..hard. I found myself bringing work home with me. With nursing, bringing work home doesn’t mean plugging in numbers on your computer at home or planning meetings. It’s thinking about your patients. It’s crying on your kitchen floor for an hour after a “bad day at work.” It’s not sleeping. It’s feeling so much for a person you didn’t even know existed yesterday, but then they were your sole focus for twelve hours.

My work is keeping other people safe and sometimes to care about them more than they care about themselves. My work is supporting them through potentially the worst days of their life. My job is facilitating a peaceful and dignified death. My job is supporting families when their loved ones are sick.

Guess what? That’s all really hard.

I began to fear that to be able to do my job for a long time, I would have to learn how to let things go and “get over it.” I was afraid that if I did that, I wouldn’t be the nurse I want to be. When I first started thinking about this decision, I felt like I was failing. I thought I wasn’t tough enough, smart enough or strong enough to hack it as a full time bedside nurse. I felt selfish for taking “an easy way out.” I spent a lot of time talking to my friends, roommates and family. I spent a lot of time thinking. I made a list of what was important to me and what I wanted my life, and routine, to look like. I have learned that for me it’s important to sleep for eight hours a night. And to work out five times a week. And to spend a lot of time doing fun things with friends and family. My current schedule doesn’t allow for a few of these things. Working twelve hour rotating shifts works really well for some people, but just isn’t the most ideal situation for me.


I’m hoping this shift will allow me to take some time to focus on taking care of myself. I also want to take the opportunity to explore how I want to further my nursing career in the next few years and seek other opportunities in the field. I’m very lucky that I work in a field and at a hospital that I can do part-time.

Anyways, big happenings and hopefully it’s all for the best. Excited to see where it takes me!


4 thoughts on “ScoopingRN becomes a reality

  1. Xtina says:

    Wohoo scooping RN becomes a reality. We are all so excited for you and love ya!! You ARE strong for standing up for yourself. Don’t ever doubt yourself. Everything happens for a reason. This is the right thing to do for your sweet soul. Namaste, I am going to bed haha.

  2. Colleen Hammond says:

    HI Courtney! Congratulations on the first day of your new adventure! You are so wise to live the best life for you and to understand the importance of knowing what is best for you. Please continue writing. You are such a talented writer.

    Love, Colleen

  3. Monica says:

    My ray of sunshine. You are such a strong nurse to be able to know how to implement a change that makes you happiest. I am so proud of you! When we take care of ourselves, then we can best take care of others 🙂


  4. Sharon says:

    I have always thought that it takes a truly special type of person to be a nurse. As you said, you find yourself caring for people you didn’t know the day before and sometimes caring more about them than they do the self. You are all angels to sign on for that. With that being said, as a very fun, beautiful and smart young woman, you should be,out enjoying your life. I think your decision gives you the best of both worlds and I am so proud of you! Xoxo

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