Handlebar Review + Weekend recap

(HONESTLY, I started this post on Monday. And now it’s Thursday. So I’m going to pretend it’s Monday so I’m not the WORST blogger ever. Have I ever told you guys that I really, really, love you? Kissesss.)

Hey everyone, how was the weekend? Gordon and I kept the birthday celebrations low key with eating, hanging out, watching the pats, and seeing the new James Bond movie in IMAX! So much fun! Also, here’s a picture of the kit kat cake I made him…yum!


Anyways, I said I would review Handlebar, the spinning studio I went to on Friday.


I dragged Kim with me after deciding I wanted to try spin a couple weeks ago but being too afraid to do it alone. We went to the studio in Southie which was super easy to get to. It is right off the Broadway stop on the red line. We got there early and the girl at the front desk was super kind and helpful when we told her it was our first time at the studio, let alone spinning. She teased us for picking bikes in the way back and helped us get fitted for some shoes. Shoes were complimentary which was nice and convenient. I actually don’t think you can even do spin without spin shoes since the petals are all designed for shoes to clip in.

I was really excited at the start of the class. The instructor was welcoming and super upbeat. The room was dark and she told us the entire class was choreography set to a bumpin’  playlist.


She told us that if we couldn’t keep up with the moves to just keep pedaling. After the first song I knew I was in trouble. These spin girls don’t f*ck around! Holy cow! It wasn’t until about the third song that I turned to Kim and yelled “I just want to stop and vomit.” And I still had 30 minutes left in class! I was struggling and probably would have hopped off the bike to go boot&rally if I knew how to unclip the shoes.

When I thought the class was finally winding down, I felt relieved. Then the instructor told us to pick up the weighted bar on the side of the bike and we started doing arm exercises. I was struggggggggling. Kim and I kept exchanging glances, laughing, and trying not to barf. The girl next to Kim was laughing at us and all she said was “This is hard.” I FEEL YA GIRL.

So, my review? The studio is great. I really liked the set-up, the atmosphere, and the instructor/staff. The actually class was awesome too…..definitely kicked my butt but all I could think about was how amazing all the people taking (and instructing) the class were and how I would be in bomb shape if I went all the time. The down side to this new spinning fad is that it is quite expensive. I’ve been investigating class pass so I would be able to go to all different types of classes without paying so much for a monthly membership.

Do you guys do spinning? Does it ever get easier? 


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