FTWF #12

TGIF peeps! Thank goodness its the weekend. I worked last night and am working again tonight. Unfortunately I did not sleep well at all this morning so should be an interesting shift later….. At least I’m off the weekend and now have time to get this post up! Perspective…right?

This week has been rough fitness wise. I went running on Monday and then I’ve been working twelves since. I wanted to try and go running before work tonight but I don’t think I’m moving from this couch too quickly. So, let’s chat about things I’m loving instead.

Union Square Donuts

IMG_7157 (1)

Since I wasn’t working out this week apparently I decided to just break all the rules.  I do not regret a BITE of this donut because Union Square Donuts are a piece of heaven on earth. Seriously, what a freakin’ treat. So good.

Christmas Sweater


I saw this sweater at TJMaxx and immediately sent this picture to Shanny. We decorate gingerbread houses with my family every year and she’s the only person I know who loves Christmas more than I do.

Bloc 11 Cafe


This cafe is near my old apartment and I love it. I needed some motivation to get these posts up this week and for me that comes in the form of a latte in a cute coffee shop. I also got this salad that had crumbled falafel and herbed goat cheese…..it was amazing. Have any of you made falafel before? I think this will have to go on my list of recipes to recreate!






My fellow walking dead watchers, is anyone else freaking out that we still don’t know what happened to Glen? Should I still be grieving? Are they just messing with me? It’s really messing with me.

Anyways, off to keep moping before my night shift. Hope you all have fun weekend plans!


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