I scream, you scream, we all scream for protein!

I want to start today by thanking all of you for your support and love in regards to my post on Sunday. You’re all so wonderful. ❤

Today, we’re gonna talk protein. I love protein. My bestie Kayla loves protein. We all love protein.

Why? Because it helps fuel our bodies, keep us full, and makes us stronger. I try to make sure my meals and snacks always include some protein. Sometimes it’s easier or tastier to turn to options that are just “fluff” and not “fillers.” What I mean by that is that some foods just taste stupid good but aren’t doing anything for us nutritionally and will just leave us hungry in an hour. And who likes being hungry? Not me.


Here are some great protein heavy snack options which are particularly handy for on-the-go. I usually keep at least one of these snacks with me at all times or pair them with some fruit and veggies for a quick meal/snack.

Hard boiled eggs (6g per egg)

I LOVE hard boiled eggs. They are so easy to make….just drop (place gently…I’ve been know to crack a few eggs in my day) them in a pot of boiling water and leave them there for 12 minutes. If you immediately rinse them in cold water for a couple minutes they are easier to peel. (Thanks for the tip, Mon!) I like to eat mine with some ketchup and salt & pepper.


Yogurt (14g per yogurt)

I’ve talked about my love of Siggi’s before. Did you guys try it yet? So so yummy and creamy.


Almond butter (7g per squeeze pack)

I just discovered these a couple of weeks ago. I love how portable they are. I’ve paired them with a banana or pretzels or just eat them straight up!



Nuts (6g per serving)

I think I mentioned salt and vinegar almonds before….well, they haven’t left. These are such a great substitute when I want something flavorful. (Read: for when I want to be eating chips.)


String cheese (7g per stick)

I love cheese. Who doesn’t? I totally forgot about string cheese until last week! It’s a great way to indulge but not over-do it. I bought the light version and have been eating two for a mid-day snack with a piece of fruit.


Quest Bars (21g)

I read about quest bars on a blog about a year ago. I love how they have so much more protein than sugar, but manage to still taste so yummy! I’ll eat these for breakfast along with fruit if I’m running late to work.



TELL ME YOUR SECRETS: What’s your favorite mid-day snack that keeps you full until dinner?


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