FTWF #11


Can you tell I’m pumped? Gordon’s birthday is on Sunday and I LOVE birthdays….especially when it involves celebrating my most favorite person. I think birthdays are a great opportunity to tell people “Hey, I’m really glad you exist on this planet.” We don’t have anything crazy planned but I’m just so excited to spend some time together doing fun things and eating cake. Yum!

Anyways, back to business. I just got off my last of three day shifts. They were tiring but were good and went by quickly. Today I actually got out at 3 and went spinning with Kim. I’ll write a full review on Monday but omg spinning is hard….

Anyways, now I’m chilling on the couch with Em and Christina watching SVU and drinking beer. 🙂 So, here’s another round of For the Win Friday!

Siggi’s yogurt


This is hands down my favorite yogurt. The only thing that stinks about it is that it can be expensive. (It’s cheapest at Market Basket!). It is so creamy and flavorful, only has 5 ingredients and loads of protein. It literally says on the top “more protein than sugar.” And thats all we want!

Going to bed early


I was lights out at 930 three nights in a row this week. It was so great. When I work a day shift at the hospital I have to get up at 530am which is tough for me. Going to bed early made it so much easier and helped me stay sharp and focused during me shift. (Which is important when you’re a nurse….)

This sign at the grocery store


HOW SMART IS THIS? Unfortunately, I didn’t see it until after I spent 10 minutes looking for maple syrup and minced garlic but holy cow thats smart. You rule, Stop&Shop!

My dad and Abby-dog


Aren’t they the cutest? This is my dad and my sisters dog. Abby and my dad are pretty similar….they are both adorable, love to nap, and love to be pet….they’re a good pair. Anyways, my sister sent me this photo the other night and it just made me really wish I were drinking a cup of tea on my parents couch. Gonna have to make a trip out there next week!

This cat dressed as Daryl


Any Walking Dead watchers out there? I watch faithfully and have since season 1. Daryl has consistently been my favorite character and I’m in love with him. I saw this picture on instagram and absolutely died.

Anyways, off to watch more TV and drink more beer. Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

What’s your favorite flavor birthday cake?


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