Halloween Detox

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend! Like I said, I went to Western Mass to spend halloween with my best friends! We were a dinosaur, Waldo, sour milk and Ben Franklin. We killed it.


I really really needed a detox from my weekend this morning. (Too much junk food and alcohol!) I went to hot yoga first thing this morning but it wasn’t my best class. I felt like I was about to pass out at one point which I think was due to a whole mix of stuff….being dehydrated, waking up early, going before breakfast. Oh well, I survived and got a good sweat.

I also jump started my day with a healthy breakfast and a Lemon-Ginger steamer. I had my first steamer last winter and have been hooked since. I have started making them at home since I don’t see them a lot of places and it’s cheaper. I’ll share my ways with you!

Lemon-Ginger Steam”ah”


-an inch of grated ginger root

-juice of one lemon

-solid squeeze of honey

-boiling water


I prepare the ingredients while the water is boiling. Then I place everything in the teapot and let it steep for 5 minutes. You can adjust the ingredients any way you’d like to tailor your steamer to you!


Lemon and ginger are so good for your body (and soul). They have anti-oxidents that boost your immune system and help clear your skin. Ginger can also help with nausea which is awesome. And there is just something about sipping on a warm mug of tea that instantly makes me feel better. I love this drink! Enjoy!


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