Guys. I lifted weights for the first time in a long time on Saturday. I don’t usually do strength training but want to add it to my exercise routine. I forgot how damn good it feels to be sore from working out!


Christina was a super great workout partner because she has a degree in exercise science and works at a gym as a health/wellness coach. I don’t know much about lifting weights so she was kind enough to let me drag her to the gym. She showed me how to do all the exercises before we did them and made sure to check in with me throughout the work out.



Here’s our workout below:

Each exercise completed 10-12 times, each circuit completed 3 times:

Circuit 1:

Chest press (12.5lbs)

Lunges (12.5 lbs)

Ball rollouts


Circuit 2:

Goblet squats (10lb plate)

Plank rows (7.5lbs)

Get-ups (10lb plate)


Circuit 3:

Suitcase carries (20lb)

Shoulder press (10lb)



Sprint 0.25 miles

25 Toe touches

Sprint 0.25 miles

25 Bicycles


Christina kicked my butt with this workout!! We were supposed to sprint two more rounds but I couldn’t hang. Oops. I also did fewer reps of the plank rows, get-ups and burpees because they were so so hard for me. It felt good to work hard and do something new besides running and yoga. I’m hoping to start adding strength training into my routine 2x/week.

What’s your favorite strength training exercise?


FTWF #13 (on a Saturday)

Happy Saturday Friday! Oops. Let’s pretend it’s Friday again, you guys ok with that? I am!

This week was exciting, overwhelming, and good-busy. I’m getting my feet underneath me at the ice cream store and it was nice to be at the hospital a couple days too.

For those of you who are new to the blog, every Friday I share what I think is awesome that week. It’s been come to be known as “For the win Friday.” Let’s get to it!

Texts from Bubba


My dad and I both watch The Walking Dead and usually will chat about it later in the week. I am still a week behind and don’t know if Glen is alive but my dad sent me this text. (Sidenote: I still don’t know if it’s true as my dad has a tendency to mess with my mind. He would point to cows and call them chickens when I was little.) As mad as I was, I couldn’t help but laugh at his response. That man is insane. (Must be where I get it from…)

Milkshakes with Shanny


Shanny and I checked out Burger Dive at Assembly row the other night and got their spiked milkshakes. They were soooooooo delicious. I got a Mudslide and she got a Drunken Monkey. The burgers were delicious too!

Nike sneakers

These sneaks are so sick! I haven’t worn Nike sneakers since middle school but I think it’s time I give them another shot. These look so comfortable and are so cool looking. I love lightweight sneakers with fun colors and I think these will fit the bill.

Jcrew Coat

I just bought this coat on super sale in grey and I love it. I think I’m going to let my mom give it to me as a Christmas gift but it’s going to be hard not wearing it! (I might have to crack.) Monica has this coat in Dusty Ginger and it’s beautifullllll.

Hilarious Giraffes 


Frank is my spirit animal.


I’m off to enjoy the day and let Christina kick my butt in the gym! Have a good weekend peeps, hope you’re off doing something fun!

ScoopingRN becomes a reality

Hi all. Some big news over here. Starting tomorrow my hours at the hospital go down to 20 hours a week. What am I going to be doing with the rest of my time? Training tigers. Just kidding, I will be managing an ice cream store. For serious.

Did I already lose you guys? You think I’m crazy? Maybe I am. It’s ok, I’m cool with it.


Let me make something very clear….I love being a nurse. I am so blessed to have gotten my degree in a field I love and am even more blessed to be practicing in a prestigious facility. I am so thankful my patients allow me to be a part of their lives and take care of them. I am forever indebted to my coworkers who motivate me to be a better nurse everyday and who take care of me. I am so thankful that my “calling” in my life is to take care of others. To be what one of my patients described as “a ray of sunshine in a night of chaos.” It is a privilege to meet the people I do and be a part of their lives.  However, it can be such a difficult job.

I’ve been working as a nurse full time for a year and a half.  In nurse years, that’s not much. However, I have learned so much (and still have so much to learn). I love where I work and who I work with. But honestly, I haven’t been very happy. Floor nursing is very draining….mentally, physically, and emotionally. In my first year of nursing I was so concerned with my skills and getting accustomed to the flow of the unit. After I gained some more confidence and my fears took a back seat, the emotional aspect of my job started to hit me…..hard. I found myself bringing work home with me. With nursing, bringing work home doesn’t mean plugging in numbers on your computer at home or planning meetings. It’s thinking about your patients. It’s crying on your kitchen floor for an hour after a “bad day at work.” It’s not sleeping. It’s feeling so much for a person you didn’t even know existed yesterday, but then they were your sole focus for twelve hours.

My work is keeping other people safe and sometimes to care about them more than they care about themselves. My work is supporting them through potentially the worst days of their life. My job is facilitating a peaceful and dignified death. My job is supporting families when their loved ones are sick.

Guess what? That’s all really hard.

I began to fear that to be able to do my job for a long time, I would have to learn how to let things go and “get over it.” I was afraid that if I did that, I wouldn’t be the nurse I want to be. When I first started thinking about this decision, I felt like I was failing. I thought I wasn’t tough enough, smart enough or strong enough to hack it as a full time bedside nurse. I felt selfish for taking “an easy way out.” I spent a lot of time talking to my friends, roommates and family. I spent a lot of time thinking. I made a list of what was important to me and what I wanted my life, and routine, to look like. I have learned that for me it’s important to sleep for eight hours a night. And to work out five times a week. And to spend a lot of time doing fun things with friends and family. My current schedule doesn’t allow for a few of these things. Working twelve hour rotating shifts works really well for some people, but just isn’t the most ideal situation for me.


I’m hoping this shift will allow me to take some time to focus on taking care of myself. I also want to take the opportunity to explore how I want to further my nursing career in the next few years and seek other opportunities in the field. I’m very lucky that I work in a field and at a hospital that I can do part-time.

Anyways, big happenings and hopefully it’s all for the best. Excited to see where it takes me!

FTWF #12

TGIF peeps! Thank goodness its the weekend. I worked last night and am working again tonight. Unfortunately I did not sleep well at all this morning so should be an interesting shift later….. At least I’m off the weekend and now have time to get this post up! Perspective…right?

This week has been rough fitness wise. I went running on Monday and then I’ve been working twelves since. I wanted to try and go running before work tonight but I don’t think I’m moving from this couch too quickly. So, let’s chat about things I’m loving instead.

Union Square Donuts

IMG_7157 (1)

Since I wasn’t working out this week apparently I decided to just break all the rules.  I do not regret a BITE of this donut because Union Square Donuts are a piece of heaven on earth. Seriously, what a freakin’ treat. So good.

Christmas Sweater


I saw this sweater at TJMaxx and immediately sent this picture to Shanny. We decorate gingerbread houses with my family every year and she’s the only person I know who loves Christmas more than I do.

Bloc 11 Cafe


This cafe is near my old apartment and I love it. I needed some motivation to get these posts up this week and for me that comes in the form of a latte in a cute coffee shop. I also got this salad that had crumbled falafel and herbed goat cheese…..it was amazing. Have any of you made falafel before? I think this will have to go on my list of recipes to recreate!






My fellow walking dead watchers, is anyone else freaking out that we still don’t know what happened to Glen? Should I still be grieving? Are they just messing with me? It’s really messing with me.

Anyways, off to keep moping before my night shift. Hope you all have fun weekend plans!

Handlebar Review + Weekend recap

(HONESTLY, I started this post on Monday. And now it’s Thursday. So I’m going to pretend it’s Monday so I’m not the WORST blogger ever. Have I ever told you guys that I really, really, love you? Kissesss.)

Hey everyone, how was the weekend? Gordon and I kept the birthday celebrations low key with eating, hanging out, watching the pats, and seeing the new James Bond movie in IMAX! So much fun! Also, here’s a picture of the kit kat cake I made him…yum!


Anyways, I said I would review Handlebar, the spinning studio I went to on Friday.


I dragged Kim with me after deciding I wanted to try spin a couple weeks ago but being too afraid to do it alone. We went to the studio in Southie which was super easy to get to. It is right off the Broadway stop on the red line. We got there early and the girl at the front desk was super kind and helpful when we told her it was our first time at the studio, let alone spinning. She teased us for picking bikes in the way back and helped us get fitted for some shoes. Shoes were complimentary which was nice and convenient. I actually don’t think you can even do spin without spin shoes since the petals are all designed for shoes to clip in.

I was really excited at the start of the class. The instructor was welcoming and super upbeat. The room was dark and she told us the entire class was choreography set to a bumpin’  playlist.


She told us that if we couldn’t keep up with the moves to just keep pedaling. After the first song I knew I was in trouble. These spin girls don’t f*ck around! Holy cow! It wasn’t until about the third song that I turned to Kim and yelled “I just want to stop and vomit.” And I still had 30 minutes left in class! I was struggling and probably would have hopped off the bike to go boot&rally if I knew how to unclip the shoes.

When I thought the class was finally winding down, I felt relieved. Then the instructor told us to pick up the weighted bar on the side of the bike and we started doing arm exercises. I was struggggggggling. Kim and I kept exchanging glances, laughing, and trying not to barf. The girl next to Kim was laughing at us and all she said was “This is hard.” I FEEL YA GIRL.

So, my review? The studio is great. I really liked the set-up, the atmosphere, and the instructor/staff. The actually class was awesome too…..definitely kicked my butt but all I could think about was how amazing all the people taking (and instructing) the class were and how I would be in bomb shape if I went all the time. The down side to this new spinning fad is that it is quite expensive. I’ve been investigating class pass so I would be able to go to all different types of classes without paying so much for a monthly membership.

Do you guys do spinning? Does it ever get easier? 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for protein!

I want to start today by thanking all of you for your support and love in regards to my post on Sunday. You’re all so wonderful. ❤

Today, we’re gonna talk protein. I love protein. My bestie Kayla loves protein. We all love protein.

Why? Because it helps fuel our bodies, keep us full, and makes us stronger. I try to make sure my meals and snacks always include some protein. Sometimes it’s easier or tastier to turn to options that are just “fluff” and not “fillers.” What I mean by that is that some foods just taste stupid good but aren’t doing anything for us nutritionally and will just leave us hungry in an hour. And who likes being hungry? Not me.


Here are some great protein heavy snack options which are particularly handy for on-the-go. I usually keep at least one of these snacks with me at all times or pair them with some fruit and veggies for a quick meal/snack.

Hard boiled eggs (6g per egg)

I LOVE hard boiled eggs. They are so easy to make….just drop (place gently…I’ve been know to crack a few eggs in my day) them in a pot of boiling water and leave them there for 12 minutes. If you immediately rinse them in cold water for a couple minutes they are easier to peel. (Thanks for the tip, Mon!) I like to eat mine with some ketchup and salt & pepper.


Yogurt (14g per yogurt)

I’ve talked about my love of Siggi’s before. Did you guys try it yet? So so yummy and creamy.


Almond butter (7g per squeeze pack)

I just discovered these a couple of weeks ago. I love how portable they are. I’ve paired them with a banana or pretzels or just eat them straight up!



Nuts (6g per serving)

I think I mentioned salt and vinegar almonds before….well, they haven’t left. These are such a great substitute when I want something flavorful. (Read: for when I want to be eating chips.)


String cheese (7g per stick)

I love cheese. Who doesn’t? I totally forgot about string cheese until last week! It’s a great way to indulge but not over-do it. I bought the light version and have been eating two for a mid-day snack with a piece of fruit.


Quest Bars (21g)

I read about quest bars on a blog about a year ago. I love how they have so much more protein than sugar, but manage to still taste so yummy! I’ll eat these for breakfast along with fruit if I’m running late to work.



TELL ME YOUR SECRETS: What’s your favorite mid-day snack that keeps you full until dinner?

FTWF #11


Can you tell I’m pumped? Gordon’s birthday is on Sunday and I LOVE birthdays….especially when it involves celebrating my most favorite person. I think birthdays are a great opportunity to tell people “Hey, I’m really glad you exist on this planet.” We don’t have anything crazy planned but I’m just so excited to spend some time together doing fun things and eating cake. Yum!

Anyways, back to business. I just got off my last of three day shifts. They were tiring but were good and went by quickly. Today I actually got out at 3 and went spinning with Kim. I’ll write a full review on Monday but omg spinning is hard….

Anyways, now I’m chilling on the couch with Em and Christina watching SVU and drinking beer. 🙂 So, here’s another round of For the Win Friday!

Siggi’s yogurt


This is hands down my favorite yogurt. The only thing that stinks about it is that it can be expensive. (It’s cheapest at Market Basket!). It is so creamy and flavorful, only has 5 ingredients and loads of protein. It literally says on the top “more protein than sugar.” And thats all we want!

Going to bed early


I was lights out at 930 three nights in a row this week. It was so great. When I work a day shift at the hospital I have to get up at 530am which is tough for me. Going to bed early made it so much easier and helped me stay sharp and focused during me shift. (Which is important when you’re a nurse….)

This sign at the grocery store


HOW SMART IS THIS? Unfortunately, I didn’t see it until after I spent 10 minutes looking for maple syrup and minced garlic but holy cow thats smart. You rule, Stop&Shop!

My dad and Abby-dog


Aren’t they the cutest? This is my dad and my sisters dog. Abby and my dad are pretty similar….they are both adorable, love to nap, and love to be pet….they’re a good pair. Anyways, my sister sent me this photo the other night and it just made me really wish I were drinking a cup of tea on my parents couch. Gonna have to make a trip out there next week!

This cat dressed as Daryl


Any Walking Dead watchers out there? I watch faithfully and have since season 1. Daryl has consistently been my favorite character and I’m in love with him. I saw this picture on instagram and absolutely died.

Anyways, off to watch more TV and drink more beer. Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

What’s your favorite flavor birthday cake?