FTWF #10

Oh my gosh you guys. I’m the worst. This week really got away from me. Monday I worked my first home care shift which ended up being 16hours. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday night. And yesterday I was just incapable of doing anything. I’m working today 7a-7p and then off for the weekend. I’m going out to Western Mass to spend Halloween with my friends Kate, Kayla, and Shannon. I’m so excited!

Halloween Pictures Whatsapp 2

I’ve really fallen off the wagon this week with working so long without having prepped adequately. My eating has been OK but I’ve been doing more processed than I wanted to. I also have not been drinking enough water and I can feel it. Has anyone else been like the thirstiest they’ve ever been these days? I also haven’t worked out in a very long time…… I need to sit down and work out my schedule for next week to make sure I can get a couple runs and yoga classes in.

ANYWAYS…Let’s move on to happier things. Round 10!

Cranberry pancakes


Remember that time I picked cranberries? And haven’t done anything with them since? I decided to throw them in some pancakes. Well…Gordon actually started it and also threw in some nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice which was so so yummy. They didn’t taste the same when I tried to recreate them, but anything covered in maple syrup in delicious. I actually have a batch of cranberries drying in the oven right now – I’m going to try and make granola bars with them!

Stumptown coffee


I treated myself to Whole Foods salad bar on Tuesday night and picked this up since I hadn’t slept. It really hit the spot that night and carried me through my shift.

Bunny Yoga


Christina found this on instagram and it slayed me. Mostly because we’ve been trying to get Monica to come to yoga with us and she kept putting it off. Then she ordered a Lululemon top and told us she’d come once it came in the mail. (It was the wrong size, she still hasn’t been.) LOOK AT THAT BUNNY!

Dating a nurse


A girl I went to nursing school with posted this on Facebook. It’s funny because it’s true….well, the sleeping part anyways. After twelve hours I crash….hard. Poor G.

Snocone baby


Ellen Degeneres posted this on  Facebook the other night and I think it’s such a good costume idea! Wish I didn’t already have mine planned so I could have been a snocone! I texted this picture to my sister Jenny since I’m hoping she’ll dress my niece up as one!

Anyways, I’m off to work. Hope you all have a great day and fun plans for the weekend! I promise, next week we’ll talk health!

Tell me, what are you dressing up as for Halloween? 


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