Happy Hump Day!

Just a quick little mid-week check in. I’ve been on a mini staycation since I took 20hours of vacation from work this week. I’ve just been hanging out and it’s been so nice. Back to reality in the morning though :(. Stopping by to share this some of this weeks workouts and eats! Feel free to share yours in the comment section!


Saturday – Hot Yoga

Sunday – 2 mile walk/run

Monday – Yoga with Kerry and Christina

Tuesday – 3 mile run and ab circuit with Monica and Christina

IMG_6938 FullSizeRender

Wednesday – Hot Yoga


I made this Chile Maple Glazed Pork for dinner last night. I was trying to recreate the dinner I had Saturday night at Trail’s End. I paired it with mashed sweet potatoes, sauteed baby kale, and a cranberry almond salad G brought in. I put an apple cider reduction at the bottom of the bowl. The dish actually turned out much better than expected. Sweating and stressing in the kitchen for two hours paid off!


This afternoon I made this Fall Cobb Salad which was so so so good. I already packed one to bring to work tomorrow! Everything worked so well together and this was my first time making dressing – I was so impressed with how it turned out!


Anyone have any good eats to share from this week? I’m off to bed since I have work early in the morning. Hang in there….the weekend is so close!


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