We can only be bad people, not worse people.

Ok guys, big thoughts happening over here and I really need some help. What do you people know about non-processed foods? It seems like a simple answer but when you really start to think about it and research it, it gets confusing….at least for me.

Let’s start at the beginning. Last week, a few of the women I work with were saying they are doing no processed sugar for 30 days. I got really interested in it and was asking them a bunch of questions. “What about potatoes?” “Are eggs cool?” “What do you mean I should start drinking whole milk again?” They explained to me that products that are low-fat and low-calorie make up for it by being high-sugar. One of them even made a really good point of showing me the label on the back of a drink. She said there are never percentages for your daily value of sugar because it would always read something like 2000%.


This really sparked something in me because deep down I know sugar is going to kill us all and I eat too much of it. But it also made me think how CRAZY it is that the “American Diet” is setting us all up for failure.  There is a lot of information out there about different diets, and eating clean, but it’s hard to know which one is the “right” one to do.

A little over a year ago I ate Paleo for about two weeks and actually loved it. I felt more energetic, I felt better about myself, my skin was clearer, and my digestive issues lightened up. And that was only after two weeks! I wish I had stuck with it but school got the best of me and it wasn’t convenient. But now that I’m in full-blown adult mode I have the ability and time to prep food, plan and cook my own meals, and buy my own food. I’ve always tried to avoid thinking about what is in the food I’m eating because I’ve always known the thought of food loaded with chemicals would make me not want to eat it. But….like…..Oreos. Mmmm.

Such a dilemma, right? Have I lost any of you yet?

Anyways, after they were telling me about their no-processed sugar and talking about it with Monica, I drunkenly read some of the food labels in our kitchen…..I tried to pick up things that are usually my staples and that I normally think of as relatively healthy.

Almond milk:

IMG_6941 IMG_6942

Almond butter:




Marinara sauce:


Think Thin Bar:

IMG_6946 IMG_6947

Things I noticed: SO many things have sugar as an added ingredient! (Even my almond butter, dang it!) I also was surprised by how everything I picked up had at least one thing I didn’t recognize. What are you, Xanthan Gum? Get outta my pantry!

While many of these additives are safe, (obviously, since we’re all eating ’em and we’re still here!….for now….) the thought just kinda grosses me out. I’ve decided to try and switch to a non-processed diet. I know, I know – that could mean a million different things. The rule I’m going to go by is that I need to recognize every ingredient on the label. It would be nice to know EXACTLY what I’m putting in my mouth and body, and where it came from. Monica and I have decided that we are in the “transition phase” of the switch since we don’t want to waste the food we already have. Hence the title of this post…..we can only be bad people who eat crap, not worse people who waste food.

But Court, what about Thanksgiving? You aren’t going to drink a beer again? I dare you to try and not eat another Italian sub. What about yo mamas pumpkin squares?

GET OFF MY BACK PEOPLE. This is to increase my sense of awareness about the choices I make daily without even thinking about them. It’s not that I’m never going to eat certain things ever again, but hopefully I can find ways to make them healthier and less processed. Are we cool now? Good. I’m off to the grocery store…

Help a girl out….whats your favorite non-processed food?


One thought on “We can only be bad people, not worse people.

  1. Colleen Hammond says:

    Love your blog Courtney! After reading it, I am working on decreasing my sugar / carbs/ processed food. Thank you for your inspiration ❤

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