TGIF kiddos! You’ll notice this is not longer “Things I’m Loving Friday” anymore. I had borrowed that from a blog I read to get things rolling but it felt right to come up with my own. I’ve decided “For The Win Friday” (FTW Friday) could be appropriate. Still the same idea….things I think are awesome this week. What do you guys think?

You know the drill…..

Mona Pants


Kim sent this to me MONTHS ago and I LOVED it. This week I discovered a Facebook page with the video and learned the dogs name is Mona and that there are more videos! I linked the original video on YouTube but next time you’re on Facebook do yourself a favor and search “Mona Pants.”

Sweater weather


I love that it is starting to get colder out. I’ve been scoping out this sweater the past week but have been putting off buying it until I go through what sweaters I already have. I think this would look so cute with skinny jeans, riding boots, and my peacoat!

Dante the tire guy

I just started leasing my car in May. I got a flat tire in August and obviously had to get a new one. My dad has a “tire guy” who hooked me up with a new one and saved me $300. So great. Then I found out I have a cut in another tire and need ANOTHER one. This car isn’t even a year old and I’ve gone through two tires. Totally bogus. Thankfully, Dante the tire guy is amazing and is hooking me up with another tire! Phew!

Roomie night in


Tonight Mon, Xtina, and I are planning to stuff our faces with Chipotle, get drunk off wine, and hang out on the couch in sweats. I can’t wait. Even though I live with them, our schedules can be so different that I feel like I don’t see them or we don’t really hang out. Thankfully this week we all have the same night off! Any movie recommendations?

The Walking Dead


I never thought I would be one to love a zombie show, but here I am, totally obsessed. I got my dad and G into it too so I always have someone to talk about it with. My dad even watches “The Talking Dead” which is an hour long show after the show talking about the show. And in his defence, it’s actually pretty interesting. Is it Sunday yet?

Leave a comment! Tell me, what’s your favorite TV show?


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