Thanks a latte for still reading even though I’m bad at posting.

Oh man guys, I’m the worst this week. When I started bloggin’ I told myself I would post every Mon/Wed/Fri NO MATTER WHAT. And I totally stink at that this week. I worked twelves Tuesday and Wednesday and chose sleep over blogging. I promise I still love you all (yes, I’m talking to you, my three faithful readers) and the blog. Hopefully some changes happening next month will prevent that from happening too often anymore. Anyways, let’s catch up.

Last night G came in and made me dinner which was so yummy and so nice of him. (He also did the dishes and delivered wine to the couch.) He made pasta with chicken and bread crumbs and all sorts of good herbs I hadn’t heard of. It was delicious. (sorry for the awful photo….I really thought it was in focus at the time…..this was plate #2, glass of wine #2…. However, that stray noodle is hilarious.)


This morning I woke up and immediately dug into some sweet potato homefries I made earlier in the week and paired them with an apple chicken sausage and two fried eggs. This is my absolute favorite breakfast.


Then I caught up with Monica since she’s been on nights and I haven’t seen her in days. After that I set out on a run. I REALLY didn’t want to move my body… at all….but it was beautiful and I knew I needed to exercise since I hadn’t the past two days.


I was pretty shocked when my legs let me go 3 miles in 30 minutes without stopping. I haven’t done that in a long time which is really sad. I tried hard to pay attention to my pace today since I always start off so fast and then end up having to stop when I haven’t gone far at all and then I get bummed out. So I was wicked happy with my run today!


Now I’m writing at Haute, a coffee shop in my hometown. This place is so dang delicious and adorable but also crazy expensive. If everything here was $1 less, I would come all the time. I caved today since I had to be in Concord anyways (Shanny and I are going to a CPR renewal class tonight) and I needed some motivation to get this post up. Mmmmm coffee, coffee, coffee…..


And now, the only redeeming thing about this post…..


So about two weeks ago I finally caved and answered. I told Uncle Fred he had the wrong number and he literally just said “No.” We spent about two more minutes on the phone where I apologized profusely and he sounded so sad. Apparently he really does have a nephew that lives in Boston though which is nuts. Anyways, I thought I was never going to hear from him again which, honestly, bummed me out quite a bit. HOWEVER, he called AGAIN the other night and left a voicemail. He still loves me, incase you even had to ask.

Comment question of the day:

How many dead bodies do you think are at the bottom of that nasty river I ran by today? AND Do you think I’ll ever get to MEET Uncle Fred?


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