A weekend as the happiest pup ever.

Guys, I’m sorry this post is so late today but I was busy having the most awesomest weekend and wasted no time.

Friday night my high school friend Haley came into Somerville for dinner, drinks, and a sleepover. We slept in a little bit on Saturday and then I went to yoga with Christina. After yoga, I lounged on my couch and then Gordon came in for dinner. We went to see Black Mass, which I thought was awesome. Shoutout to Sutter Home for mini bottles that fit in my purse!


Sunday morning Gordon and I met Haley at SoundBites for brunch. Holy yum.


After brunch, Gordon and I had to scoot to a cheese festival that his boss hooked us up with tickets for. We quickly realized we shouldn’t have gone nuts at SoundBites and were crazy full, but we powered through like the champs we are.


There were some totally awesome vendors there. One of my favorites was this seltzer company Spindrift based out of Waltham MA. I tried their ginger beer and grapefruit and they were both crisp, refreshing, and delicious. They had SO many flavors and I’m regretting not trying them all.


I also loved this hard cider from Lookout Farm. They have an orchard and a tap room in Natick that I can’t wait to go to. I’ve been crushing cider like it’s my job recently and loving every second of it.


Finally, we tried these chocolates made by an adorable couple. We tried the spicy pepper which was good but had quite a kick at the end that turned me off from wanting to have more for a dessert. And the quinoa bar was so so good!!! Like the guy told us, it tasted like a healthy Crunch bar.


There were tons of cheese vendors, and a mac&cheese contest, but I don’t know enough about cheese to crituqe it so I just enjoyed it all. After the cheese festival we went for a walk through the Boston Common to walk all those snack off. Then I went for a quick 2 mile run before heading to my parents house to watch The Walking Dead with my dad and brother-in-law which we OBVIOUSLY had to get Kimballs for since it’s closing tonight for the season. I went all out with an M&M brownie sundae…..yummmm….


Today I went to breakfast with my dad and then Gordon and I went for a walk in the woods behind his house which was so so beautiful. The weather is still holding up here in New England making this the prime-time for fall.




(I think I was saying something like…. “You’re ridiculous.”)
All in all, a totally awesome weekend full of friends, food, family, and fun. I was so happy to fit in some exercise (to balance out my not so healthy food choices) and that I was able to get outside and take advantage of the weather. Back to the grind tomorrow!

What’s you’re favorite fall funtivity?


2 thoughts on “A weekend as the happiest pup ever.

  1. Jill Wasylow says:

    Great post Court! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!! I am personally loving all the new Pumpkin beers this season.. if you’re into the hard ciders, try the Harpoon Hard Pumpkin Cider! I saw it last week and have been meaning to pick it up! I will report back!

    • ScoopingRN says:

      Thanks friend! I haven’t had a pumpkin beer yet this season but I’ve been eyeing the Pumpkin cider. Maybe you should come over tomorrow and we could try it together! 🙂

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