Things I’m Loving Friday #7

Hey all! I worked yesterday and am working all day today so sorry for the short and sweet post. Hope everyone has fun plans for the holiday weekend! I have it off so I plan on hanging out with friends, getting outside, and watching the Walking Dead…. I’m so excited. Here’s what I’ve been loving during this busy week!

98 year old man whippin’

I love everything about this video, this man is amazing. I’ve watched it so many times this week and have made so many people watch it. Mayonnaise!



So, I discovered this app called Poshmark. It is a site where people can re-sell their clothes and they are usually cheaper than what you would find in a store. Some things are new and others are lightly worn. I had been eyeing some new Lululemon to motivate me to keep working out but it’s just so dang expensive. Anyways, Lulu is sold on Poshmark! I found all of these awesome tops and bras for much cheaper than in the store. The person who is selling it is sent a shipping sticker and then it is FedExed to your house. I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened my packages to find sweet hand-written notes and adorable tissue paper. I’ve been thinking about selling a few of my things on there to make some extra cash. Might have to add closet clean out to the weekend to-do list!

Forgetting I had headphones on


So, I’ve shamelessly been trying to get my blog “out there” more. That included bringing my twitter back into the picture. I wanted to take a running selfie to post on Wednesday since it was so beautiful out but I forgot I had my huge headphones on the first time! So embarrassing. I’m sure the cars driving by thought I was totally nuts…..because I am. (Or as Christina tells me…”You’re insane.”)

Family Dinner


Em, our old college roommate, came to visit! Yay! She doesn’t live far away at all but with shift work it can be tough to find a time everyone is free. Anyways, she has the week off which made that a lot easier. I made these meatballs in the crockpot which were so easy and yummy. We all contributed something and had a super delicious and lovely meal together.

SingleCut (and Joe!)


My high school friend, Joe, works at a brewery called SingleCut in Queens. He was doing a promotional event at a bar in Boston last night so me, Haley, and Kathy went! It was so nice to catch up and enjoy some kick-ass IPAs. Joe was super excited about the beers which made them taste even better. Beer + old friends = the best. We also were talking about how pumped we are for the 5 year reunion in a couple months…dun dun….

Anyone have an awesome and hilarious youtube video to carry us into the weekend? The more cute, old men the better! 


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