Chicken, rice, and veggies. All the important things in life.

First off, PRAISE THE DOWNSIZE GODS! At work, if we are overstaffed and have too many nurses they tell someone to stay home. This week, we are very overstaffed for some unknown reason. Thankfully I was at the top of the list this week and got a 5am text message asking if I wanted to stay home ALL day. Guess what I said? YES PLEASE!


I got to sleep in, do laundry, go running, make some meatballs for family (Me, Em, Christina, Mon and Christian) dinner today, work on this post, and crush a Fixer Upper/SVU marathon. Life was good!

Anyways, today is a special post because I have a recipe for you guys!

Anyone else have a staple go-to dinner? Mine is, and always has been, a chicken/veggie/rice combo. I think that’s what I grew up on and it just stuck with me. My mom used to make us all wash it down with a glass of milk and BOOM all your food groups are in! The only bonus is that there is a lot of variation in this “staple dinner.” Thankfully, I’m dating someone who is a good cook and taught me how to make this. Now, presenting…, I don’t know what to call it……uhhh……Gordon’s Chicken!

Pound the chicken thin


Spread on a layer of pesto (we used homemade by Gordon’s mom!)


Layer on Prosciutto


Next, top it off with some Provolone cheese (or whatever cheese you want to use)


Roll the chicken up and wrap in saran wrap


Place in freezer for 15 minutes to maintain shape

Place in pan to sear until edges are golden brown


Place in over at 400* for 15 minutes

Enjoy! We served ours with rice pilaf, roasted broccoli, and red wine….obviously.


What’s your favorite “staple dinner”?


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