What a wonderful weekend

Hope everyone’s weekend was as awesome as mine. Steve and Erin’s wedding on Saturday was so beautiful and fun. They are such a cute pair who love each other so much and just love having fun together. It was so great that their wedding was totally a reflection of that. Heres a few photos:

IMG_6782 IMG_6785 IMG_6806 IMG_6788 IMG_6793

On Sunday, after we cured our hangovers with sleeping in and comfort food, my mom, Kim, Gordon and I went to Framingham. The Property Brothers were at the grand opening of World Market. The store is so cool. It has so many different types of wine, beer, snacks, jewelry, and home decor from around the world. Since it was the grand opening the line was so long, so we just browsed and plan on going back soon. We also stalked the Property Brothers from a distance since the line to meet them was so long.

IMG_6796 IMG_6813 IMG_6812

As far as health and fitness this weekend…..balance is important. Saturday I focused on the wedding, enjoying myself, and having a good time celebrating with family and friends. I was able to get back on track yesterday with going for a walk/run in the afternoon and eating a salad with dinner. Getting back on a routine will help, though I’m working a lot of long days this week so squeezing in work outs might be tough. Regardless, I will be sure to make healthy food choices.

How do stay healthy when you can’t fit a good work out session in?


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