Things I’m Loving Friday #6

This post is being written for you from the Toyata Service Center! I lease my car so they are strict about service inspections. Kind of a bummer that I have to sit here for an hour but there is coffee, snacks, and wi-fi. And a super cute old man reading a Jodi Picoult book.

I wrapped up my week of nights and am so happy to be off for the weekend. And I actually have some big, fun, and exciting plans…my cousin is getting married tomorrow! Steve and I have become really close over the past couple of years, and I adore his future wife, Erin. I was even lucky enough to be with them when the got engaged! Needless to say, I am so excited to celebrate with them tomorrow! Congrats Steve and Erin!


(Could they be any cuter?!?)

Anyways, let’s move on to things I’m loving this week!

My patients 

The other morning I had to wake my patient up at 6am to check their blood pressure. They woke up to tell me they were having a weird dream and I responded saying “I’m going home to dream about pina coladas on the beach.” To that my patient said, “You’re going to dream about penises on the beach?!?!” I died laughing. What a way to wrap up a week of nights…

Dinner with the girls


Remember I was telling you that Shanny and I grew up together and are families are really close? We went to dinner last night with our sisters and moms. We went to Framingham Beer Works (good food, pretty good beer, bad service) and had so much fun. I love when we all get together and catch up, gossip, and most importantly laugh. Shannon’s family will be at the wedding tomorrow and they know how to party so it will be a guaranteed good time.

Post Office Sign


I saw this last week and thought it was hilarious. Thankfully I hit a red light right in front of it again yesterday so I could snap this photo.

My running buddy 


Since I’m getting my car serviced and the dealership is closer to my parent’s house than my apartment I stayed there last night. My sister, brother-in-law, and nieces are living with them right now so I usually get a 7am wake up call. Kathryn spared me this morning but insisted on coming running. I went and did my own loop and then came back to pick her up for a jog around the block. Check out her running outfit:


She’s so awesome. We made it “3 mailboxes” until she had to stop and steal a tomato from our uncle’s garden as a snack.

My sister was driving by at this point so Kathryn asked her for a ride home. Safe to say she isn’t the best motivational running buddy.

Beautiful Disaster


I went to Target last week to return some flats since they were too small. And you all know how Target is, so I wandered around for an hour and spent $50. I ended up picking up this book which I think was written for young adults but I loved it. It was dramatic, sexy, and intriguing.  Most importantly, it got me to start reading again and now I can’t wait to pick up the other books I bought. I have been really bad about reading recently but I’m trying to do it before bed. Any good book recommendations?

Leave a comment! What are you most excited for this weekend?


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