FTWF #10

Oh my gosh you guys. I’m the worst. This week really got away from me. Monday I worked my first home care shift which ended up being 16hours. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday night. And yesterday I was just incapable of doing anything. I’m working today 7a-7p and then off for the weekend. I’m going out to Western Mass to spend Halloween with my friends Kate, Kayla, and Shannon. I’m so excited!

Halloween Pictures Whatsapp 2

I’ve really fallen off the wagon this week with working so long without having prepped adequately. My eating has been OK but I’ve been doing more processed than I wanted to. I also have not been drinking enough water and I can feel it. Has anyone else been like the thirstiest they’ve ever been these days? I also haven’t worked out in a very long time…… I need to sit down and work out my schedule for next week to make sure I can get a couple runs and yoga classes in.

ANYWAYS…Let’s move on to happier things. Round 10!

Cranberry pancakes


Remember that time I picked cranberries? And haven’t done anything with them since? I decided to throw them in some pancakes. Well…Gordon actually started it and also threw in some nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice which was so so yummy. They didn’t taste the same when I tried to recreate them, but anything covered in maple syrup in delicious. I actually have a batch of cranberries drying in the oven right now – I’m going to try and make granola bars with them!

Stumptown coffee


I treated myself to Whole Foods salad bar on Tuesday night and picked this up since I hadn’t slept. It really hit the spot that night and carried me through my shift.

Bunny Yoga


Christina found this on instagram and it slayed me. Mostly because we’ve been trying to get Monica to come to yoga with us and she kept putting it off. Then she ordered a Lululemon top and told us she’d come once it came in the mail. (It was the wrong size, she still hasn’t been.) LOOK AT THAT BUNNY!

Dating a nurse


A girl I went to nursing school with posted this on Facebook. It’s funny because it’s true….well, the sleeping part anyways. After twelve hours I crash….hard. Poor G.

Snocone baby


Ellen Degeneres posted this on  Facebook the other night and I think it’s such a good costume idea! Wish I didn’t already have mine planned so I could have been a snocone! I texted this picture to my sister Jenny since I’m hoping she’ll dress my niece up as one!

Anyways, I’m off to work. Hope you all have a great day and fun plans for the weekend! I promise, next week we’ll talk health!

Tell me, what are you dressing up as for Halloween? 



Hope everyone survived the week and is excited for the weekend! I had today off and went hiking with Chistina, Monica, and Em at Blue Hills in Milton. And now Kayla is on her way in for dinner. What a great day! I have to work tomorrow but have plans to hang out with Gordon so that will get me through my twelve hour Saturday shift. Now, I want to share what I’ve been loving this week.

New yoga leggings


I’ve been on the hunt for long light-weight leggings to wear to yoga. I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money. I scored these at T.J.Maxx a couple weeks ago and have been loving them! They stay up, are plenty long enough, and are just the right thickness. I’ve been wearing them a couple times of week and can’t get enough!

LL Bean


Check out my new slips! Check ’em out! Did you guys know that LL Bean has a life time guarantee? That means if you’re unsatisfied with anything you’ve bought from them you can return or exchange it. I had a pair of these slippers that were about ten years old and I finally went to the store and exchanged them. My new ones are so cozy!

Cranberry Bogging



Gordon and I went cranberry bogging on Monday! I had never been before so it was a new experience for me. We brought his dog, Taylor, with us and she was being so adorable. It was so nice out and the bog was beautiful so it was a great day. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all my cranberries!





Hiking today was so much fun! It felt chilly before we started but ended up being the perfect temperature. We won’t lie though…..we did get lost a little bit. BUT we ran into these amazing women (one was hiking in uggs) who were also lost. We all found our way out in the end but we ended up going a little bit further than planned. At least we got to the top!

Off to go check on dinner. ‘sghetti squash with meatballs and tomatoes, yum!

What should I make with all these cranberries?

Happy Hump Day!

Just a quick little mid-week check in. I’ve been on a mini staycation since I took 20hours of vacation from work this week. I’ve just been hanging out and it’s been so nice. Back to reality in the morning though :(. Stopping by to share this some of this weeks workouts and eats! Feel free to share yours in the comment section!


Saturday – Hot Yoga

Sunday – 2 mile walk/run

Monday – Yoga with Kerry and Christina

Tuesday – 3 mile run and ab circuit with Monica and Christina

IMG_6938 FullSizeRender

Wednesday – Hot Yoga


I made this Chile Maple Glazed Pork for dinner last night. I was trying to recreate the dinner I had Saturday night at Trail’s End. I paired it with mashed sweet potatoes, sauteed baby kale, and a cranberry almond salad G brought in. I put an apple cider reduction at the bottom of the bowl. The dish actually turned out much better than expected. Sweating and stressing in the kitchen for two hours paid off!


This afternoon I made this Fall Cobb Salad which was so so so good. I already packed one to bring to work tomorrow! Everything worked so well together and this was my first time making dressing – I was so impressed with how it turned out!


Anyone have any good eats to share from this week? I’m off to bed since I have work early in the morning. Hang in there….the weekend is so close!

We can only be bad people, not worse people.

Ok guys, big thoughts happening over here and I really need some help. What do you people know about non-processed foods? It seems like a simple answer but when you really start to think about it and research it, it gets confusing….at least for me.

Let’s start at the beginning. Last week, a few of the women I work with were saying they are doing no processed sugar for 30 days. I got really interested in it and was asking them a bunch of questions. “What about potatoes?” “Are eggs cool?” “What do you mean I should start drinking whole milk again?” They explained to me that products that are low-fat and low-calorie make up for it by being high-sugar. One of them even made a really good point of showing me the label on the back of a drink. She said there are never percentages for your daily value of sugar because it would always read something like 2000%.


This really sparked something in me because deep down I know sugar is going to kill us all and I eat too much of it. But it also made me think how CRAZY it is that the “American Diet” is setting us all up for failure.  There is a lot of information out there about different diets, and eating clean, but it’s hard to know which one is the “right” one to do.

A little over a year ago I ate Paleo for about two weeks and actually loved it. I felt more energetic, I felt better about myself, my skin was clearer, and my digestive issues lightened up. And that was only after two weeks! I wish I had stuck with it but school got the best of me and it wasn’t convenient. But now that I’m in full-blown adult mode I have the ability and time to prep food, plan and cook my own meals, and buy my own food. I’ve always tried to avoid thinking about what is in the food I’m eating because I’ve always known the thought of food loaded with chemicals would make me not want to eat it. But….like…..Oreos. Mmmm.

Such a dilemma, right? Have I lost any of you yet?

Anyways, after they were telling me about their no-processed sugar and talking about it with Monica, I drunkenly read some of the food labels in our kitchen…..I tried to pick up things that are usually my staples and that I normally think of as relatively healthy.

Almond milk:

IMG_6941 IMG_6942

Almond butter:




Marinara sauce:


Think Thin Bar:

IMG_6946 IMG_6947

Things I noticed: SO many things have sugar as an added ingredient! (Even my almond butter, dang it!) I also was surprised by how everything I picked up had at least one thing I didn’t recognize. What are you, Xanthan Gum? Get outta my pantry!

While many of these additives are safe, (obviously, since we’re all eating ’em and we’re still here!….for now….) the thought just kinda grosses me out. I’ve decided to try and switch to a non-processed diet. I know, I know – that could mean a million different things. The rule I’m going to go by is that I need to recognize every ingredient on the label. It would be nice to know EXACTLY what I’m putting in my mouth and body, and where it came from. Monica and I have decided that we are in the “transition phase” of the switch since we don’t want to waste the food we already have. Hence the title of this post…..we can only be bad people who eat crap, not worse people who waste food.

But Court, what about Thanksgiving? You aren’t going to drink a beer again? I dare you to try and not eat another Italian sub. What about yo mamas pumpkin squares?

GET OFF MY BACK PEOPLE. This is to increase my sense of awareness about the choices I make daily without even thinking about them. It’s not that I’m never going to eat certain things ever again, but hopefully I can find ways to make them healthier and less processed. Are we cool now? Good. I’m off to the grocery store…

Help a girl out….whats your favorite non-processed food?


TGIF kiddos! You’ll notice this is not longer “Things I’m Loving Friday” anymore. I had borrowed that from a blog I read to get things rolling but it felt right to come up with my own. I’ve decided “For The Win Friday” (FTW Friday) could be appropriate. Still the same idea….things I think are awesome this week. What do you guys think?

You know the drill…..

Mona Pants


Kim sent this to me MONTHS ago and I LOVED it. This week I discovered a Facebook page with the video and learned the dogs name is Mona and that there are more videos! I linked the original video on YouTube but next time you’re on Facebook do yourself a favor and search “Mona Pants.”

Sweater weather


I love that it is starting to get colder out. I’ve been scoping out this sweater the past week but have been putting off buying it until I go through what sweaters I already have. I think this would look so cute with skinny jeans, riding boots, and my peacoat!

Dante the tire guy

I just started leasing my car in May. I got a flat tire in August and obviously had to get a new one. My dad has a “tire guy” who hooked me up with a new one and saved me $300. So great. Then I found out I have a cut in another tire and need ANOTHER one. This car isn’t even a year old and I’ve gone through two tires. Totally bogus. Thankfully, Dante the tire guy is amazing and is hooking me up with another tire! Phew!

Roomie night in


Tonight Mon, Xtina, and I are planning to stuff our faces with Chipotle, get drunk off wine, and hang out on the couch in sweats. I can’t wait. Even though I live with them, our schedules can be so different that I feel like I don’t see them or we don’t really hang out. Thankfully this week we all have the same night off! Any movie recommendations?

The Walking Dead


I never thought I would be one to love a zombie show, but here I am, totally obsessed. I got my dad and G into it too so I always have someone to talk about it with. My dad even watches “The Talking Dead” which is an hour long show after the show talking about the show. And in his defence, it’s actually pretty interesting. Is it Sunday yet?

Leave a comment! Tell me, what’s your favorite TV show?

Thanks a latte for still reading even though I’m bad at posting.

Oh man guys, I’m the worst this week. When I started bloggin’ I told myself I would post every Mon/Wed/Fri NO MATTER WHAT. And I totally stink at that this week. I worked twelves Tuesday and Wednesday and chose sleep over blogging. I promise I still love you all (yes, I’m talking to you, my three faithful readers) and the blog. Hopefully some changes happening next month will prevent that from happening too often anymore. Anyways, let’s catch up.

Last night G came in and made me dinner which was so yummy and so nice of him. (He also did the dishes and delivered wine to the couch.) He made pasta with chicken and bread crumbs and all sorts of good herbs I hadn’t heard of. It was delicious. (sorry for the awful photo….I really thought it was in focus at the time…..this was plate #2, glass of wine #2…. However, that stray noodle is hilarious.)


This morning I woke up and immediately dug into some sweet potato homefries I made earlier in the week and paired them with an apple chicken sausage and two fried eggs. This is my absolute favorite breakfast.


Then I caught up with Monica since she’s been on nights and I haven’t seen her in days. After that I set out on a run. I REALLY didn’t want to move my body…..like at all….but it was beautiful and I knew I needed to exercise since I hadn’t the past two days.


I was pretty shocked when my legs let me go 3 miles in 30 minutes without stopping. I haven’t done that in a long time which is really sad. I tried hard to pay attention to my pace today since I always start off so fast and then end up having to stop when I haven’t gone far at all and then I get bummed out. So I was wicked happy with my run today!


Now I’m writing at Haute, a coffee shop in my hometown. This place is so dang delicious and adorable but also crazy expensive. If everything here was $1 less, I would come all the time. I caved today since I had to be in Concord anyways (Shanny and I are going to a CPR renewal class tonight) and I needed some motivation to get this post up. Mmmmm coffee, coffee, coffee…..


And now, the only redeeming thing about this post…..


So about two weeks ago I finally caved and answered. I told Uncle Fred he had the wrong number and he literally just said “No.” We spent about two more minutes on the phone where I apologized profusely and he sounded so sad. Apparently he really does have a nephew that lives in Boston though which is nuts. Anyways, I thought I was never going to hear from him again which, honestly, bummed me out quite a bit. HOWEVER, he called AGAIN the other night and left a voicemail. He still loves me, incase you even had to ask.

Comment question of the day:

How many dead bodies do you think are at the bottom of that nasty river I ran by today? AND Do you think I’ll ever get to MEET Uncle Fred?

A weekend as the happiest pup ever.

Guys, I’m sorry this post is so late today but I was busy having the most awesomest weekend and wasted no time.

Friday night my high school friend Haley came into Somerville for dinner, drinks, and a sleepover. We slept in a little bit on Saturday and then I went to yoga with Christina. After yoga, I lounged on my couch and then Gordon came in for dinner. We went to see Black Mass, which I thought was awesome. Shoutout to Sutter Home for mini bottles that fit in my purse!


Sunday morning Gordon and I met Haley at SoundBites for brunch. Holy yum.


After brunch, Gordon and I had to scoot to a cheese festival that his boss hooked us up with tickets for. We quickly realized we shouldn’t have gone nuts at SoundBites and were crazy full, but we powered through like the champs we are.


There were some totally awesome vendors there. One of my favorites was this seltzer company Spindrift based out of Waltham MA. I tried their ginger beer and grapefruit and they were both crisp, refreshing, and delicious. They had SO many flavors and I’m regretting not trying them all.


I also loved this hard cider from Lookout Farm. They have an orchard and a tap room in Natick that I can’t wait to go to. I’ve been crushing cider like it’s my job recently and loving every second of it.


Finally, we tried these chocolates made by an adorable couple. We tried the spicy pepper which was good but had quite a kick at the end that turned me off from wanting to have more for a dessert. And the quinoa bar was so so good!!! Like the guy told us, it tasted like a healthy Crunch bar.


There were tons of cheese vendors, and a mac&cheese contest, but I don’t know enough about cheese to crituqe it so I just enjoyed it all. After the cheese festival we went for a walk through the Boston Common to walk all those snack off. Then I went for a quick 2 mile run before heading to my parents house to watch The Walking Dead with my dad and brother-in-law which we OBVIOUSLY had to get Kimballs for since it’s closing tonight for the season. I went all out with an M&M brownie sundae…..yummmm….


Today I went to breakfast with my dad and then Gordon and I went for a walk in the woods behind his house which was so so beautiful. The weather is still holding up here in New England making this the prime-time for fall.




(I think I was saying something like…. “You’re ridiculous.”)
All in all, a totally awesome weekend full of friends, food, family, and fun. I was so happy to fit in some exercise (to balance out my not so healthy food choices) and that I was able to get outside and take advantage of the weather. Back to the grind tomorrow!

What’s you’re favorite fall funtivity?