Things I’m Loving Friday #5

This post is going to be short, sweet, and to the point since I’m just getting off a night shift and have been awake for 24hours now. Don’t worry, I’ve got some Mag Muff in me and will be going to sleep as soon as this goes up. Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this week and have fun plans for this weekend! Let’s get to it.

Seeing Shanny on the T


There is nothing better than bumming about being awake at 6am and having to go to work only to hop on the T and have your bestie sitting there with a tray of whoopie pies. Shannon is doing a nurse residency program in the OR at MGH and commutes on the same line I take to work. I always forget that she’s on there since my hours rotate so frequently that I forget what’s normal and what isn’t. This week I saw her twice on the way to work and once on the way home. Made my commute so much better getting to chat with my best friend and to have a whoopie pie! Yum! (More on her family whoopie pies at a later date….)

Subaru puppy commercial

Gordon loves this commercial and pointed it out to me a while ago. It came on the other night when we were watching TV and we both got a good chuckle out of it. The puppy in the car seat!!!

Antiquing in Peabody


My friend at work was telling my about this antique store in Peabody that is an old mill. There are two large brick buildings and each floor is full of antiques. There are all different vendors and so. much. stuff. Some make their own furniture, others re-finish pieces they find, and some just sell it how they found it. I didn’t end up buying anything since I don’t need anything, but I’m already excited to go back! I LOVE old stuff.

Dating the Wine Guy


Gordon brought this bottle over after work one day and it was so so so good. We both really like wine, but don’t know much about it. I’m hoping to learn a bit more as I try new ones but usually my reviews are “Pour me another glass, now.” or “Pass me a Bud Latte.” Red wine just makes me think of winter, cozy nights in, and Scandal! Scandal started last night (I was working) so I won’t be watching it until tomorrow. Any readers fellow Scandal watchers? #teamjake

Gas Buddy App

If you’re in the car a lot and hate spending too much money at the gas station, get this app now. It locates gas stations near you and tells you the price/gallon. I’ve been trying to be better about budgeting so this app is really helpful. Yesterday the gas station in front of me was $2.39 a gallon but this app pointed me in the direction of one 3 blocks away for $2.17 a gallon. Holla holla, savin’ dolla.

Anyways, bedtime for this chica. Have a fabulous Friday, folks!


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