My Running Story

This post is inspired by the fact that I found a new running route yesterday! I have had a tough time running in the city because I hate running on sidewalks and busy streets. I’m a very “in the zone” runner, meaning I like to just put my music on, cruise, and not think about stopping to cross the road or try not to get hit by a car. When I lived in Brookline and the Fenway I was able to get to the Charles River pretty easily which provided me with miles of running paths and scenery. Since living in Somerville, I haven’t found a place I like to run outside so I’ve been sticking to the treadmill which is dull. Until yesterday! Check this out…


I found the most awesome running path by stalking a runner. I was jogging near my apartment to explore and was pumped when the person in front of my ducked into the woods because that meant there was a path. Off roading for runners! The weather recently has been perfect for running so I was hoping my out of shape body would let me take advantage. I was able to go a little over 3 miles and it felt good!

I started running in middle school when I started playing field hockey. I would do it to stay in shape in the off season. In high school it became an outlet for me and I was running much more often. This is also around the time that I learned running is such an awesome and versatile activity. It only takes a pair of sneakers and a road so anyone can do it. And it also brings people together. I was a part of a few running groups with friends, teachers, and family. My family had one going for a while when my brother got out of the navy and was training for the police academy.


(We’re so good looking.)

At the end of high school I started getting into road races, mostly 5Ks. They were quick, fun, and allowed me to get into the “competitive” side of running meaning that I started paying attention to my time and training more seriously. Eventually I found my way the the Falmouth Road Race, a very popular 7 mile race down the Cape. I have run it 3 times with my uncle and cousins. We never train, it’s always too hot, and we always complain. But in the end it is always a beautiful and fun race. And we eat a lot afterwards.


In 2013, I decided it was time to run a half marathon. I thought to myself that I could run the Falmouth Road Race, so why not work on crossing something off my bucket list and train for a half marathon? I put in some serious miles. I was in the best running shape I’ve ever been in. I would run 8 miles at 8 minute miles and I loved it. The half marathon was also in Falmouth and in the fall. The weather was perfect and it was mostly on the beach which was amazing.


(My mom is so amazing. She has never missed a single game or race, even when I’m in my twenties.)

Unfortunately, between school and work and winter, running took a back burner. But now I am determined to get back to it! It really is something that makes me feel so calm and happy, and I would love to get back to running half marathons. Here’s todays run, from the new route!

FullSizeRender (1)

Getting back at it, slowly but surely…

So, let’s chat about how to get motivated. Yesterday was a great start for me for finding a route I love outside. I really need to stop running in the gym since being outside makes the whole running experience even better. I think I’ll have to investigate some new music and maybe some new sneakers. I also want to set a goal of running at least 3 miles outside twice a week. Seems reasonable, right?

Whats your favorite song to run to?

Right now mine is 679 by Remy Boyz. Hahaha the beat keeps me going!


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