Uncle Fred, go to bed!

Mornin’! How was everyone’s weekend? I ended up working a few hours of overtime Friday night so by the time I was done with work at 7pm on Saturday I was wiped. Gordon came in and we got takeout for dinner, watched a movie on the couch, and hit the hay early. We slept in a bit on Sunday, got up, got snacks, and watched the football at home. We made some loaded nachos which were delicious except for the jalapeno that almost killed me. (I told Monica it made me feel like I would $hit fire. Lesson learned.)


Story time….. About two months ago I got a call from a random number so I ignored it. I was really surprised when I got a voicemail since I feel like rando numbers usually don’t leave them. When I listened to it, it was an old man and I SWEAR TO GOD he said, “Hey, Court. It’s Uncle Fred, give me a call. Love you, bye.” But I don’t have an Uncle Fred! It was really creeping me out but I decided to just think it was funny and forgot about it. BUT THEN he called again last week! And woke me up at 7am! That voicemail told me to have a “blessed and wonderful day.” I made my roommates listen to it, we had a chuckle, and I forgot about him again. BUT THEN, Monica and I were in the car last night and he called AGAIN. Uncle Fred mumbles a lot so I really only understood that he went to church to pray for everyone, he was cooking, Carla took him to the doctor, and that he loves me a lot. AND THEN he called an hour later! Uncle Fred’s gotta give it a rest. The girls told me to pick up next time and tell him he has the wrong number but 1: I love being told I’m loved, even by a stranger, and 2: I have a hunch he’s in the mafia and might come kill me. What do you guys think I should do?

ANYWAYS, let’s move on to chatting about those goals I rattled off last week. Unfortunately, I stunk at almost all of them except for eating greens. But I ate a lot of crap with them so it doesn’t really count. I worked late on Friday which threw a lot off. I was SO tired that stretching didn’t happen Friday or Saturday and I drank beer instead of going to the gym today…oops. I also didn’t sleep much since I worked Friday until 11pm and then was back at 7am in the morning. I forgot my water bottle two days but I did use one of the pitchers at work which I think made a good substitute. Investigating a class will have to be added to my very lengthy to do list for the week…ugh. It’s hard when things come up, or work gets in the way of making goals happen. I’ve learned not to harp on it too too much because then it makes moving forward more difficult. Instead, I choose to look at what went wrong and try to figure out how to fix it.

I now know that working three days in a row makes working out tough. It puts too many days in-between runs that I don’t go consistently enough or stay motivated. After three days of work it usually takes me one to recover. I also know I need to be better about meal prepping on my days off so I always have healthy options on hand. Bed time is the hardest for me. Sleep is SO CRAZY IMPORTANT and so many of us just don’t get enough. I know that 8ish hours is my happy time and that that’s how much sleep I need to function properly.


Sleep does so many awesome things for our bodies. It helps keep our immune system happy and functioning properly. It also helps us eat a balanced diet since we have fewer cravings and make better decisions when we are well rested. Sleep keeps our moods in check and anxiety and depression levels low. When I  get my 8ish hours I am a happier and more confident person. We are able to run better and are stronger when we sleep.  I’m better at my job when I  get the right amount of sleep (which is important since my job is keeping people alive and safe…). Check out this article to read up on some more benefits.

So, it sounds like I NEED to figure out how to get more sleep. Who doesn’t want to be sharp, lean, and happy? I think the biggest challenge will be setting a bed time and sticking to it no matter what. For now, 10pm sounds fair. (Gonna try and channel those goals back in). To go along with that I’m going to say no phone, TV, or computer after 930. Only reading, writing, or stretching.

Going to try and stick with it for the next couple of days until I go back on nights on Thursday…. ANYWAYS, have a blessed and wonderful day, peeps!


Whats your bedtime? How many hours of sleep do you get a night?


3 thoughts on “Uncle Fred, go to bed!

  1. Gordon says:

    I have literally the worst sleep schedule (as you know), so I could certainly learn a few things from this post and the article you linked. Also, that sleeping dog in the picture is my hero..

  2. Cam says:

    Definitely answer when Uncle Fred calls next time. It sounds like he needs some love, just pretend you know him and act all excited when you pick up. It’ll be hilarious

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