Things I’m Loving Friday #4

T.G.I.F. Am I right? My mom used to say that to me every Friday morning before I left for school. She’s so adorable.

I’m off to work “a big D”……..nursing code for 7am-7pm. (I know what some of you perverts are thinking…gross). And then Xtina’s boyfriend is making me, her, and Monica dinner which is adorable and I’m so excited for. I work Saturday too and have plans to hang out with Gordon. 🙂

Let’s get into it and talk about our favorite things this week!

Frozen Brussel Sprouts


These guys are so dang easy to make. When I’m feeling lazy and guilty for not eating veggies I make these. Here are the directions:

-Take one bag of frozen brussels sprouts

-Toss in olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper

-Place in the oven at 425* until crispy and roasted on the outside (usually 20 minutes)

BOOM. Healthy side dish and leftovers. It really is that simple, folks!

Making my own iced coffee


Soooooo I’m a coffee snob. My standard order is a grande cold brew with soy from Starbucks. But guess what? That puts a solid dent in my spending fund when I get a few a week. I transitioned to paying for coffee in all coins that I found in the bottom of my purse, but I started to get on real bad terms with my barista. Anyways, I decided to suck it up and make my own. The reason I didn’t before was because I felt like it never has enough “umph” or wow-factor when I make it. It’s also not as convenient. But, I’m trying to be more responsible so I gave it a go. I bought espresso grounds from Wegmans to make the iced coffee dark and more flavorful. I like my coffee “add-ons” to be creamy and sweet because I use coffee more as a treat than something I must have everyday to get out of bed. One of my co-workers mentioned you could buy coconut milk creamers and I found this french vanilla one which is so tasty. Literally, I took a sip of my coffee and it tasted like ice cream. Score!

This TED talk on the end of life

End of life care is a very important topic to me. Although I wish all my patients lived, I have learned that sometimes my job description includes helping someone pass with dignity and comfort. Honestly, every time a patient of mine dies, even if it is after we transfer them to the ICU, I take a moment to reflect and cry. Because no matter if they were rude, struggled with addiction, or I only met them yesterday, they were a person and them leaving this world is a loss. It can be a blessing if they were suffering, or wanted to be on the other side with their loved ones, but it is still a loss. This TED talk very much opens the door to the conversation so many people hate to have and sheds light on a different view of death.

Dog Shaming


I love to send these to G randomly. Amazing.

Magnificent Muffins and Bagels


AWHHHH, Welcome to the gates of Heaven. This place is literally 3 doors down from my front door. They are open 6am-noon and sell muffins and bagels. If you only do two things, you should know how to do it right..and they crush it. Its a small store which I believe is owned by an older couple that sits in the corner drinking coffee as they bark orders at people working. Everyone that works there is sassy and if you don’t know what you want when you get to the counter, you get nothing. I haven’t had a muffin yet but I have had their breakfast sandwiches and an everything with chive. I am a serious breakfast sandwich snob and these are hands down my favorite so far. Monica and I have a bagel date on our way to work today…..can’t wait!

Leave a comment! Whats your favorite kind of breakfast sandwich or bagel?


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