Venting a little, Sweating a lot

So, Monday was a crappy day at work. I was only there for 8 hours but it felt more like 20. I don’t want to get into it, and don’t want this blog to be a negative space, but I was annoyed. I love being a nurse. However, it is very frustrating that in healthcare you always have to watch your back and protect your butt. This usually amounts to documentation, documentation, documentation. And sometimes arguing with people, which I hate. Thankfully, I learned how to protect my behind very early on in my nursing career, but sometimes just the fact that I have to so I can defend myself, and my practice, to other people is just straight up sad. Anyways, let’s finish this rant by saying I am so incredibly thankful that I work with people who are smart, helpful, and who stick up for me.

Needless to say I was happy to have Tuesday off and needed to get my body moving. I’ve been slacking SO much on working out which needs to change. (Especially since this is supposed to be a healthy living blog!…..or the journey to a healthy life at least.) So I told myself today I would go the gym and run/jog for 30 minutes. Guess what…….I did it!


And I was so happy that I did. I was able to sweat out my frustration of Monday and calm down a bit. I’ve been having a lot of what the eff am I doing with my life moments these days and I forget how dang important exercise is for me mentally. I also really want to shift this blog more over to what I want it to be and use it as motivation… bear with me guys….

I think the best way to make this happen is to set some goals. Lets start with the short term and talk about goals for the next week…

Sweat it out Wednesday and Sunday, stretch Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

I’m working twelves on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which means I won’t make it to the gym. It took me a long time to not feel super guilty about not working out on the days I was working. But honestly, at the end of a twelve hour day I am so wiped physically, mentally, and emotionally that I can only handle dinner and going to bed. This means I need to be better about getting more serious work outs in on my days off. These will be my “sweat it out” days where I really get my heart pumping and an “intense” workout. (They aren’t intense, I need to work up to that). I also want to start stretching more before bed on the nights I do work. I think this will make me feel so much better physically and promote better sleep! Win, win!

Be in bed at 10pm (lights out, eyes closed) on nights I have to work in the morning

I’m really bad at this one. My sleep schedule gets really insane because I flip from working days and nights so often. I also feel so out of touch with my social life when I work a twelve hour day that by the time I get home I want to chat and hang out. But then I always complain how tired I am the next day at work. I need to treat myself like a child and tell myself to go the eff to sleep.

Bring a water bottle to work


And drink it. I am AWFUL at drinking water at work. It’s so bad….sometimes I only pee once all day. Holy not healthy. However, I found when I bring my nalgene to work I actually can put away at least two of them. I always feel more awake and energized when I drink enough water throughout the day.

Eat something green with lunch or dinner everyday 

I really hate veggies and it can be hard for me to incorporate them into my diet without getting creative. Sometimes I really slack on getting my greens in and want to be better about it. C’mon Court, roasted frozen brussel sprouts are so easy and yummy!

Investigate a class to take next week


I’ve been eyeing a yoga groupon and also have been super curious about spinning recently. I’m hoping to venture out and get myself into a class next week. I love classes but always make them out to be a bigger deal in my head than they are and get worked up and self conscious.

Anyone want to share some short term health goals? Let’s make it happen!


One thought on “Venting a little, Sweating a lot

  1. Jill Wasylow says:

    I am catching up on the blog now– I’m sorry you had a crappy day Monday. You rock, keep up the great work.. also, I am LOVING this blog. I feel so connected to you even though I am oh so far away 😦 love yaaaa more than Cory!

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