The Spittin Vinnies & a DIYer

In the words on my friend Kayla, Happy Monday B*tches!

My weekend was awesome (besides the part where I had to work). Saturday I came home after work to shower because our old roommates from college were coming over! We don’t see each other as often as we like due to our crazy schedules so it was so great to all be in the same spot!


and the famous butt pic…..


We had a few drinks at our place and then walked down to an Irish pub in Davis Square, The Burren, per Xtina’s recommendation. Gordon and I had been there once for apps and drinks before dinner one night but we sat outside and didn’t check out the bar. It was packed which is always a good sign. I was super impressed that we were all able to get drinks within 5 minutes since the bartenders were so quick and attentive. I started with a margarita! (Insert dancing emoji here) There is a room in the back of the bar, called “The Back Room”, which had a live band. We were able to stand almost in front of the stage to watch The Spittin Vinnies.



They were so good!! They seem like a folk cover band. They were taking requests and crushed every song. They were having so much fun and we were all dancing, singing and having a good time. Apparently they play there the second Saturday of every month and I’m already planning to go back.

I also wanted to share my latest creative project….my new dresser! When I was moving in, the guy who lived in my room before asked if any of us wanted his dresser. I didn’t want to have to move one up two flights of stairs so I said yes.


I know that re-doing this dresser shouldn’t have been as intimidating as it was but I have very few creative bones in my body. And I’m the worst painter in all the land. I decided I had to do it and get it done so I could start unpacking and get my clothes out of boxes and into the drawers. I knew I wanted to get cool hardware and a fun color. I made a big girl trip to the hardware store to get paint, a paintbrush, sanding paper and some handles. I didn’t see any knobs I liked so I held off. Then I went to the liquor store to get a six pack, turned up my country Pandora, and got to work.


Sanding was confusing to me because I didn’t feel like I was doing anything and was so anxious to get painting that I only quickly went over everything with some sandpaper. Then I started painting and was so relieved that I actually liked the color, Seascape Jade. I got a paint that was a primer too which was great for people like me with little patience and low attention spans.

Gordon and I ended up going to Anthropologie that weekend we went to Maine (read: I dragged him there and bribed him with beer) and got some cool knobs.

The finished product:


I love it so much and think it looks really nice in my room and with all my decor! I still need to pick out some fun trays and vases to put on top. And I need to finish unpacking……


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