Things I’m Loving Friday #3

Howdy! I’m actually writing this prematurely since I’m working today 7am-7pm, but I’m trying to stick with posting Mon/Wed/Fri. Here’s another round of “Things I’m Loving.” This weekend I don’t have much on the agenda besides working, seeing my old college roommates, and getting my room organized.

Lauren Conrad’s RUNWAY line at Kohl’s


HOW CUTE IS THIS JACKET? I need it. I spotted a glimpse of this jacket on Instagram the other night and loved the suede and rose gold zippers. When I tried to find where to order it from, I discovered that LC has launched an additional line, Runway, at Kohl’s. I own quite a few of her tops, accessories, and even some jeans which I love. They are cute and affordable. I think this jacket would be such a cute fall staple, unlike anything I own, that I would love to have in my wardrobe. (Update: I bought it. I love it.)


I have been crushing watermelon this week. Maybe I’m trying to draw out summer but I have had watermelon everyday this week. I’ve been cutting it in slices and bringing it to work or just eating it as a snack at home. It’s so delicious and refreshing!

Being invited to my 5 year high school reunion


I’m SO excited for this. For starters, it is apparently only $10 for a two hour open bar. #winning. Also, a few of my close friends and I are planning on going together so it is just guaranteed to be a good time. I’m really curious to see everyone that I haven’t seen in years and hear what everyone is up to. And I’m excited to drink my face off.

Adorable Old Couple

I saw this on Facebook the other night at work and watched it about seventeen times. So adorable.

The Bouncer at PJ Ryan’s

So, this story starts with the fact that I picked up the keys for our apartment on move in day and managed to pick the set that doesn’t work to our front door. Eventually, I got locked out because I forgot to remind my roommates when I would be home and didn’t get a new key already. Mon even had a copy of her key made for me (because she is so wonderful) but it STILL DIDN’T WORK. So damn annoying. Anyways, I came back from my parents house tonight and was locked out. Xtina was out downtown watching the game with her boyfriend and some friends so I didn’t want to cut her night short, but I had to wait for her to get home to let me in. I decided instead of pouting on my steps I would go drink a beer and watch the game at the bar around the corner. I was still wearing my scoopin’ shirt and sneaks but the bouncer was kind enough to set me up at a table where I could charge my phone. I was able to enjoy a few beers, decide I want to learn about football, investigate purchasing a Tom Brady t-shirt (more on him sometime :-* …sorry G), and get hit on by some creepy dude. Thankfully that coincided with when Xtina was coming home, yay!


Oh man, we haven’t even STARTED on Scandal. #tipsyblogging


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