Frozen Hoagies

I survived the Labor Day weekend night shifts! Guys, that was a long and tough stretch. Rough assignment which was only due to the fact that a lot of patients on our floor right now are really sick and demanding. I was having a realllll hard time being compassionate around 6am this morning. A lot of crying and yelling…….my patients and I…..

Anyways, today I celebrated Labor Day late with my best bud Shannon. Shannon is my oldest friend who is more like a sister. I’ve know her my entire life and our families are super close since we grew up just down the street from each other.

I slept for a couple hours when I got home after work, woke up and went to get a hair cut at a salon a few doors down from my apartment. (I am LOVING our new neighborhood). After that, Shanny came over and we walked down the street to check out a store that has been catching my eye when driving home from work, Frozen Hoagies.


They have a store front and a very popular food truck. As soon as we walked in all we could smell were delicious cookies and I almost near passed out because it smelt like heaven. I thought it was going to be pretty standard so I was excited to see the wide assortment of cookie and ice cream flavors. It seems like they make their own cookies in-house and use Chilly Cow Ice Cream, based out of Arlington. I have never had Chilly Cow but just recognized their pints when I was looking up their website. I got Nutella cookies with Vanilla ice cream and Shanny got Nutella cookies with Chocolate Chip ice cream.


If you ask Shanny, she will tell you that I am the kind of person that cuts my own slice of cake because I’m afraid other people will cut it too small. The portions were huge and perfect at Frozen Hoagies. So huge, and so perfect, that eating was as a little difficult….


The ice cream was pretty good, but I wish I had gotten a more adventurous flavor. I was playing it safe since I didn’t want to overpower the cookie but in hindsight, I don’t think that would have been possible. The cookie’s flavor was delicious, but I’m not sure if the ice cream made it tough to chew or if we were in between batches, but I had wished it were a little bit chewier. All in all, I love this place – even if it wasn’t the best ice cream sandwich I’ve ever had. They had a great atmosphere and a good product, I think I just need to make a better combo next time or come at the right time to get fresh cookies.

And then Shanny broke the bathroom….


(She broke off the sink knob.)

After treats, we laid on the couch for a bit and then prepped for the cookout we had with Mon, her boyfriend, and Xtina.

I’m off to finish my wine and head to bed. Scooping ice cream tomorrow, yay! 🙂


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