‘tiquing on a weekend

I’ve been on the hunt for a writing desk since moving. I wanted something simple, and not too bulky, that I could put my computer on and create a good writing environment to motivate me to keep writing and blogging. I found some simple wooden ones I really liked online but they seemed a little plain. Then, as Xtina started moving her stuff in to her room I saw a mirrored accent table she had and really liked it. So, I started hunting for mirrored tables and desks and asked my mom to start looking too.

When Gordon and I got off the highway in Maine there was a row of antique shores and I mentioned we should poke around in there to see if there was anything really great. We ended up checking out a barn sale, a yard sale (that was super creepy), and decided to swing into a few of the stores on the way home. I am so glad we did!


I’ve never really been in an antique store before. There was a ton of stuff piled floor to ceiling. I spotted this table under some vases and thought is was really cool. I loved the weathered look of the paint and how it had a bunch of different colors in it but my favorite part about it was the metal top. It was so different and I hadn’t seen anything like that before. The lady that ran the antique shop was a little nutty. When I asked her about it she said, “I don’t have a price for that. Just came in last night. I’ll get a price when I open.” So confusing. Gordon and I looked at each other and were both wondering…”Is she selling it or not? Aren’t you open? We’re standing in your store, right?” Anyways, we mosied around the store, which actually had quite a few tables and desks that I liked, listened to this lady talk about how Kenny Chesney is her neighbor on some island, and then left to check out the next place with the plan of coming back to get it. (She also showed Gordon her Boston Red Sox tattoo on her ankle.)

Anyways, we were trying to be good antique-ers but could only keep this woman in suspense for about three minutes as we did a loop of the shop next door and then I came running in talking about how much I wanted it again. (G will tell ya, I was being pretty obsessive about it.) After a no check/cash only/ATM is out of service fiasco and debate, the desk is mine!!!


I LOVE it. I stared at it the whole way home. Right now it is holding all the pictures that need to be hung on my wall but I can’t wait to get it set up and start writing at it.

Gordon and I were talking about how much we prefer buying old furniture rather than new stuff. And Gordon was also saying how interesting it is to think about who sat at that desk before me and what was written there. And I think that is why I love old things so much. Everything thing, and person, has a story before they enter your life. It seems that we are always preoccupied with where we are and where we are going but don’t realize how big the world and our surroundings are (a kinder way of saying we are fairly insignificant in the grand scheme of things). I love how antique and consignment stores are a way of sharing stories of our lives with strangers. I like to think this desk had a home in an artist’s studio, or was where many a love letters were written, or maybe is just sat in someones backyard for years until they realized they could make money by getting rid of it. I’ll never know, which is the coolest part. And maybe someone is wondering where their desk ended up.


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