Things I’m Loving Friday #2

Happy happy Friday, Kids! The new apartment is so sweet. It’s very “Somerville.” Meaning there are holes in the walls, the kitchen is disgusting but there is some charm to it and the location is amazing. I am no where near settled but excited to start doing some more decorating and getting some more stuff for my room! Anyways, here’s a “Things I’m loving” post. I’m off to Maine after this gets up and then working nights for Labor day weekend. Hope you all have a fun and safe holiday!

Country fest

IMG_6524 (1)IMG_6526IMG_6469IMG_6487

Country fest was so much fun! Tailgating is such a good time especially with people who know how to do it right. My cousin Steve’s friend brought a port-a-potty. Yup, thats a thing apparently. At first I was skeptical but rule 1 was no pooping and then I realized it was just a bunch of my friends peeing in a bucket and decided I’d rather do that then share a dirty stall with strangers. I also shot gunned my first beer! I wasn’t awful at it, but I wasn’t good either. Everyone told me to just open up my throat and gulp but I physically can’t do that. But I finished and didn’t spill any on my boots so…success. I was so hungover Saturday I was sweating Bug Light. Worth it.

The concert didn’t suck either.

My new apartment (and roommate!)

So, obviously you all know I moved by now. Picture will come when the place is put together, which will be in about two months. Monica and I also have an addition to our Somerville family. Our old roommate from Brookline, Christina, is living with us now and I couldn’t be more pumped about it! I strongly believe that your home environment should be fun, relaxed and make you feel good which is why I only live with kick-ass people. This morning I walked down the stairs and Monica kept saying I looked skinny and Xtina was calling me cute. What a way to start the day!



Maine is becoming “my happy place.” Monica is from there and I used to tease her all the time (just ’cause). But I started going up there more since Gordon went to Bowdoin and his family has a house in Kennebunk. His twin, Cam, lives in Portland which is my second favorite city (Boston girl at heart). Maine is so pretty…trees AND the ocean? And amazing beers – Allagash and Maine Beer Co. Can’t wait for a porch beer this afternoon…..mmmm…..

This funny picture that describes me going out perfectly


I’m so irresponsible. Thank God Monica is too….this was us in college.

Anthropologie Hardware


I am re-doing a dresser the old tenants left in my new bedroom (score, I didn’t want to move mine up two flights of stairs) and am replacing all the hardware. I didn’t want anything too modern since that really isn’t my taste so when I spotted these at Anthro I got so excited – they’re adorable!! I’m going to investigate to see if there is a store between here and Kbunk (shhh…Gordon doesn’t know that yet), otherwise I will be ordering them online so I can start putting it together.


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