CorePower Yoga Review + addendum to my running story

Hope everyone’s week is going well! I’m still on nights (worked Sunday night, last night, and again tonight) so my week has been a wash. I’m always in a haze when I work nights which means I talk to no one, get nothing productive accomplish, and complain a lot. The shifts have been fine, even enjoyable, but it’s just tough living my non-work life when my life revolves around my work. When working nights I’m always thinking about how much I have to do, how I have no energy to do it, how I should work out but can’t get out of bed, how I should get up early to make plans, I wonder when I should nap, what I should eat….yada yada yada…..

ANYWAYS, let’s talk about yoga! My roommate Christina goes to hot yoga every Friday. It’s kind of funny because she literally said “I don’t go for like the spiritual stuff or whatever, it’s just good exercise.” I’ve always loved yoga, but have never been dedicated enough to go consistently. I love that it is good exercise, especially since it uses your body weight so it is a good strength training option for me since I don’t like lifting. I also notice a major shift in my anxiety and stress level post-yoga.

There is a yoga studio near me, CorePower Yoga, that I had seen but never really heard anything about. Christina actually mentioned checking it out but I got to it before her. The studio is next to a wicked sketchy movie theater where I have been told I have a nice ass before. (Didn’t hate it..) So, it was a pleasant surprise to walk into the most beautiful yoga studio I’ve even been to. It felt more like a spa. I walked in expecting to pay for a drop-in class but when I said I had never been there before after they asked, they told me I had a week of free yoga. Score! I was given a tour of their lounge area, locker rooms and showers which were all so beautiful.


When I walked into the actual studio I had a minor panic attack. I don’t know what I was expecting signing up for a Hot Fusion class, but I IMMEDIATELY started sweating in places I didn’t know you could sweat from. Your shins sweat, did you know that?! I threw my mat on the ground and sat down out of fear I would fall over. I gave myself a mini pep-talk and talked myself into just doin’ it and staying. (My dad has a shirt my sister, Kerry, gave him that says “Just Do It.” It’s white and purple and hilarious. He loves it.) I realized I made the right decision to stay when the instructor dedicated the class to change. I have been making a couple big decisions in my life and change is a really big thing for me right now, so I really felt validated starting the class. The class was at a moderate pace and I realized that this wasn’t necessarily for beginners pretty early on. What I mean by that is the instructor said the pose we were supposed to do and then I had to look around to see what everyone else was doing and follow their lead. However, I was a little impressed with myself that the little yogi in me remembered a thing or two. I was also surprised how damn good it felt to sweat like crazy. Usually I can be self conscious about that kind of stuff, but instead I was just loving it. And everyone else around me was in the same boat. The instructor was so awesome and friendly. She gave us options throughout the class and I didn’t feel lost.

I ended up going to another Hot Fusion class and a CPY1 class in my 
free week. At CorePower Yoga, their goal is to offer a workout centered around yoga but they also focus on core work and strength training. I didn’t go to any of the Sculpt classes, mostly since I’m not in quite enough shape for that yet, but they sound like a solid workout. I’m looking into checking out Class Pass soon though and am so pumped that CorePower is on their studio list! It is my favorite yoga studio by far between the heat, the approachable instructors, and the facility!


(I will never stop posting pictures of dogs doing yoga or silly things. Get used to it.)

And now, an addendum to my running story. I can’t believe I didn’t include this…

Last fall, I got out of work early and decided it was the perfect day for a run. I slid on my favorite running clothes, turned up my Maroon 5 playlist and off I went. When I started running, I felt awesome and I could go forever.

Fast forward 5 minutes. I could not have been more than a half mile away from my apartment. When I run, I don’t pay attention…it’s a real bad habit. And this particular day, it came to bite me in the butt. I didn’t notice the side walk was raised a little bit and totally ate it. I immediately looked around to see if anyone saw and I realized there were about ten people waiting at a red light, all staring at me. I hopped up only to notice both my knees were bleeding. Ugh. I thought I could run home to get cleaned up but after two steps I almost fell down again because it hurt so bad. I walked home, with my head hung low, and started to tear up. (I’m a wuss.) Some woman on the street stopped me to ask me if I knew me knees were bleeding. I sent her daggers from my eyes and sassily told her “Um, yeah, I know they’re bleeding.”

When I finally made it home I sat down on our bench to assess the damage. I was so upset Mon was at work because I really could have used a nurse. My knees were skinned but I was more freaked out that my left knee looked more swollen and my knee cap looked like it was in the wrong place. I FLIPPED OUT and sent G this picture:


Next, I sat on the edge on my bathtub to rinse the clotting blood off my legs (gross, I know, sorry.) Then I realized I couldn’t bend my leg and FLIPPED OUT again. This time I called my mom. I was crying so hysterically that all I could get out was “I’m in the tub. There’s blood everywhere.” With that my mom handed my dad the phone. “Courtney, stop crying. Where are you? What happened?” I was able to babel that I fell running, and my leg was bleeding, and it hurt.

Since my parents are really solid people, they drove into the city in rush hour. I sat on my couch with my knee wrapped in a dish towel and cried to Gordon on the phone while I waited for them. When my parents picked me up my dad helped me limp to the car and told me he would take me to whatever hospital I wanted – Brigham, MGH, BI – I told him it really wasn’t a big deal and we didn’t need to wait for hours. We went to Somerville Hospital up the street. I had to check myself in. (Wait up, I just remembered that my mom had broken her shoulder and had major surgery like a month before this happened. She’s such a freaking trooper when it comes to putting up with me.)

Anyways, when I checked myself in, I vividly remember this little girl with a hurt arm staring at me like I was a total loser. She was so mean. (I think she was like four…) So after a hot doctor told me how me he did the same thing once but threw himself in a bush, and a pregnancy test, and an X-ray, I learned I just had two skinned knees. The nurse asked me if I would be able to handle the “dressing changes” (antibiotic ointment and glorified band-aids) and I had to admit that I was a nurse. So embarrassing. After that my parent’s took me to CVS to buy ice packs and Ben&Jerry’s and we ate pizza at my apartment. They also had to hold my hand when I called out of work because I was so afraid of getting in trouble/being made fun of. They asked me if I wanted to stay at their house about a thousand times until I was able to convince them that I would be alright. (I will never ever be able to live without them.) I lived to tell the tale.

Anyways, that’s my dramatic and embarrassing running story and how I took the most expensive (negative) pregnancy test ever. I didn’t do it justice, but get some tequila shots in me and ask me to tell it in person….I promise it’s better.


Lets talk about food prep, baby.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend! Mine was spent working nights and scooping ice cream. I still have two more night shifts to go this week. When working nights, it can be tough to eat healthy. It’s so easy to say “I’m too tired” or “I’ll just grab something later.” When you start making excuses, it’s a slippery slope from there. I’m learning that having healthy choices easily accessible and on-hand make making better choices easier. Step one is to go the the grocery store.


I went to Trader Joe’s because I was in the area but I also hadn’t been there in a while and they have some convenient items. They have stir fry veggies already packaged together and chicken that is already marinated. (Side note: the grapes I got from there and pure gold. I should have bought more!) I try to make a list of meals and snacks. That way I know exactly what I have to eat for the week. I try to always have ingredients for at least 3 dinners full of protein and veggies and then use the leftovers for smaller meals like lunch. Snacks I usually always have include fruit, nuts, yogurt and LARA bars. This weeks meals include: chicken and veggie stir fry, butternut squash ravioli, spaghetti squash with sausage, and chicken with broccoli. I’m realizing now I got too much stuff at the grocery store since I will be at a wedding this weekend and not eating at my apartment. Hopefully I’ll find a way to use up or freeze this food by the weekend.

The next step is to actually prep the food. This way, cooking is out of the way and no longer an obstacle to having delicious and healthy food. This week I cooked some old zucchini that was going to go back and turned it into noodles, I roasted some sweet potatoes, cooked one spaghetti squash, and prepped a jar of overnight oats to have as breakfast.


Prepping this food only took about an hour but made my life SO much easier this weekend. I need to prep a couple dinners for my last two night shifts so I can spend more time sleeping than cooking. I also need to remind myself not to buy food out since I have so much sitting in my fridge at home (I’m so bad about that)!

What’s your favorite healthy snack to always have on the ready? 

Things I’m Loving Friday #5

This post is going to be short, sweet, and to the point since I’m just getting off a night shift and have been awake for 24hours now. Don’t worry, I’ve got some Mag Muff in me and will be going to sleep as soon as this goes up. Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this week and have fun plans for this weekend! Let’s get to it.

Seeing Shanny on the T


There is nothing better than bumming about being awake at 6am and having to go to work only to hop on the T and have your bestie sitting there with a tray of whoopie pies. Shannon is doing a nurse residency program in the OR at MGH and commutes on the same line I take to work. I always forget that she’s on there since my hours rotate so frequently that I forget what’s normal and what isn’t. This week I saw her twice on the way to work and once on the way home. Made my commute so much better getting to chat with my best friend and to have a whoopie pie! Yum! (More on her family whoopie pies at a later date….)

Subaru puppy commercial

Gordon loves this commercial and pointed it out to me a while ago. It came on the other night when we were watching TV and we both got a good chuckle out of it. The puppy in the car seat!!!

Antiquing in Peabody


My friend at work was telling my about this antique store in Peabody that is an old mill. There are two large brick buildings and each floor is full of antiques. There are all different vendors and so. much. stuff. Some make their own furniture, others re-finish pieces they find, and some just sell it how they found it. I didn’t end up buying anything since I don’t need anything, but I’m already excited to go back! I LOVE old stuff.

Dating the Wine Guy


Gordon brought this bottle over after work one day and it was so so so good. We both really like wine, but don’t know much about it. I’m hoping to learn a bit more as I try new ones but usually my reviews are “Pour me another glass, now.” or “Pass me a Bud Latte.” Red wine just makes me think of winter, cozy nights in, and Scandal! Scandal started last night (I was working) so I won’t be watching it until tomorrow. Any readers fellow Scandal watchers? #teamjake

Gas Buddy App

If you’re in the car a lot and hate spending too much money at the gas station, get this app now. It locates gas stations near you and tells you the price/gallon. I’ve been trying to be better about budgeting so this app is really helpful. Yesterday the gas station in front of me was $2.39 a gallon but this app pointed me in the direction of one 3 blocks away for $2.17 a gallon. Holla holla, savin’ dolla.

Anyways, bedtime for this chica. Have a fabulous Friday, folks!

My Running Story

This post is inspired by the fact that I found a new running route yesterday! I have had a tough time running in the city because I hate running on sidewalks and busy streets. I’m a very “in the zone” runner, meaning I like to just put my music on, cruise, and not think about stopping to cross the road or try not to get hit by a car. When I lived in Brookline and the Fenway I was able to get to the Charles River pretty easily which provided me with miles of running paths and scenery. Since living in Somerville, I haven’t found a place I like to run outside so I’ve been sticking to the treadmill which is dull. Until yesterday! Check this out…


I found the most awesome running path by stalking a runner. I was jogging near my apartment to explore and was pumped when the person in front of my ducked into the woods because that meant there was a path. Off roading for runners! The weather recently has been perfect for running so I was hoping my out of shape body would let me take advantage. I was able to go a little over 3 miles and it felt good!

I started running in middle school when I started playing field hockey. I would do it to stay in shape in the off season. In high school it became an outlet for me and I was running much more often. This is also around the time that I learned running is such an awesome and versatile activity. It only takes a pair of sneakers and a road so anyone can do it. And it also brings people together. I was a part of a few running groups with friends, teachers, and family. My family had one going for a while when my brother got out of the navy and was training for the police academy.


(We’re so good looking.)

At the end of high school I started getting into road races, mostly 5Ks. They were quick, fun, and allowed me to get into the “competitive” side of running meaning that I started paying attention to my time and training more seriously. Eventually I found my way the the Falmouth Road Race, a very popular 7 mile race down the Cape. I have run it 3 times with my uncle and cousins. We never train, it’s always too hot, and we always complain. But in the end it is always a beautiful and fun race. And we eat a lot afterwards.


In 2013, I decided it was time to run a half marathon. I thought to myself that I could run the Falmouth Road Race, so why not work on crossing something off my bucket list and train for a half marathon? I put in some serious miles. I was in the best running shape I’ve ever been in. I would run 8 miles at 8 minute miles and I loved it. The half marathon was also in Falmouth and in the fall. The weather was perfect and it was mostly on the beach which was amazing.


(My mom is so amazing. She has never missed a single game or race, even when I’m in my twenties.)

Unfortunately, between school and work and winter, running took a back burner. But now I am determined to get back to it! It really is something that makes me feel so calm and happy, and I would love to get back to running half marathons. Here’s todays run, from the new route!

FullSizeRender (1)

Getting back at it, slowly but surely…

So, let’s chat about how to get motivated. Yesterday was a great start for me for finding a route I love outside. I really need to stop running in the gym since being outside makes the whole running experience even better. I think I’ll have to investigate some new music and maybe some new sneakers. I also want to set a goal of running at least 3 miles outside twice a week. Seems reasonable, right?

Whats your favorite song to run to?

Right now mine is 679 by Remy Boyz. Hahaha the beat keeps me going!

Uncle Fred, go to bed!

Mornin’! How was everyone’s weekend? I ended up working a few hours of overtime Friday night so by the time I was done with work at 7pm on Saturday I was wiped. Gordon came in and we got takeout for dinner, watched a movie on the couch, and hit the hay early. We slept in a bit on Sunday, got up, got snacks, and watched the football at home. We made some loaded nachos which were delicious except for the jalapeno that almost killed me. (I told Monica it made me feel like I would $hit fire. Lesson learned.)


Story time….. About two months ago I got a call from a random number so I ignored it. I was really surprised when I got a voicemail since I feel like rando numbers usually don’t leave them. When I listened to it, it was an old man and I SWEAR TO GOD he said, “Hey, Court. It’s Uncle Fred, give me a call. Love you, bye.” But I don’t have an Uncle Fred! It was really creeping me out but I decided to just think it was funny and forgot about it. BUT THEN he called again last week! And woke me up at 7am! That voicemail told me to have a “blessed and wonderful day.” I made my roommates listen to it, we had a chuckle, and I forgot about him again. BUT THEN, Monica and I were in the car last night and he called AGAIN. Uncle Fred mumbles a lot so I really only understood that he went to church to pray for everyone, he was cooking, Carla took him to the doctor, and that he loves me a lot. AND THEN he called an hour later! Uncle Fred’s gotta give it a rest. The girls told me to pick up next time and tell him he has the wrong number but 1: I love being told I’m loved, even by a stranger, and 2: I have a hunch he’s in the mafia and might come kill me. What do you guys think I should do?

ANYWAYS, let’s move on to chatting about those goals I rattled off last week. Unfortunately, I stunk at almost all of them except for eating greens. But I ate a lot of crap with them so it doesn’t really count. I worked late on Friday which threw a lot off. I was SO tired that stretching didn’t happen Friday or Saturday and I drank beer instead of going to the gym today…oops. I also didn’t sleep much since I worked Friday until 11pm and then was back at 7am in the morning. I forgot my water bottle two days but I did use one of the pitchers at work which I think made a good substitute. Investigating a class will have to be added to my very lengthy to do list for the week…ugh. It’s hard when things come up, or work gets in the way of making goals happen. I’ve learned not to harp on it too too much because then it makes moving forward more difficult. Instead, I choose to look at what went wrong and try to figure out how to fix it.

I now know that working three days in a row makes working out tough. It puts too many days in-between runs that I don’t go consistently enough or stay motivated. After three days of work it usually takes me one to recover. I also know I need to be better about meal prepping on my days off so I always have healthy options on hand. Bed time is the hardest for me. Sleep is SO CRAZY IMPORTANT and so many of us just don’t get enough. I know that 8ish hours is my happy time and that that’s how much sleep I need to function properly.


Sleep does so many awesome things for our bodies. It helps keep our immune system happy and functioning properly. It also helps us eat a balanced diet since we have fewer cravings and make better decisions when we are well rested. Sleep keeps our moods in check and anxiety and depression levels low. When I  get my 8ish hours I am a happier and more confident person. We are able to run better and are stronger when we sleep.  I’m better at my job when I  get the right amount of sleep (which is important since my job is keeping people alive and safe…). Check out this article to read up on some more benefits.

So, it sounds like I NEED to figure out how to get more sleep. Who doesn’t want to be sharp, lean, and happy? I think the biggest challenge will be setting a bed time and sticking to it no matter what. For now, 10pm sounds fair. (Gonna try and channel those goals back in). To go along with that I’m going to say no phone, TV, or computer after 930. Only reading, writing, or stretching.

Going to try and stick with it for the next couple of days until I go back on nights on Thursday…. ANYWAYS, have a blessed and wonderful day, peeps!


Whats your bedtime? How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

Things I’m Loving Friday #4

T.G.I.F. Am I right? My mom used to say that to me every Friday morning before I left for school. She’s so adorable.

I’m off to work “a big D”……..nursing code for 7am-7pm. (I know what some of you perverts are thinking…gross). And then Xtina’s boyfriend is making me, her, and Monica dinner which is adorable and I’m so excited for. I work Saturday too and have plans to hang out with Gordon. 🙂

Let’s get into it and talk about our favorite things this week!

Frozen Brussel Sprouts


These guys are so dang easy to make. When I’m feeling lazy and guilty for not eating veggies I make these. Here are the directions:

-Take one bag of frozen brussels sprouts

-Toss in olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper

-Place in the oven at 425* until crispy and roasted on the outside (usually 20 minutes)

BOOM. Healthy side dish and leftovers. It really is that simple, folks!

Making my own iced coffee


Soooooo I’m a coffee snob. My standard order is a grande cold brew with soy from Starbucks. But guess what? That puts a solid dent in my spending fund when I get a few a week. I transitioned to paying for coffee in all coins that I found in the bottom of my purse, but I started to get on real bad terms with my barista. Anyways, I decided to suck it up and make my own. The reason I didn’t before was because I felt like it never has enough “umph” or wow-factor when I make it. It’s also not as convenient. But, I’m trying to be more responsible so I gave it a go. I bought espresso grounds from Wegmans to make the iced coffee dark and more flavorful. I like my coffee “add-ons” to be creamy and sweet because I use coffee more as a treat than something I must have everyday to get out of bed. One of my co-workers mentioned you could buy coconut milk creamers and I found this french vanilla one which is so tasty. Literally, I took a sip of my coffee and it tasted like ice cream. Score!

This TED talk on the end of life

End of life care is a very important topic to me. Although I wish all my patients lived, I have learned that sometimes my job description includes helping someone pass with dignity and comfort. Honestly, every time a patient of mine dies, even if it is after we transfer them to the ICU, I take a moment to reflect and cry. Because no matter if they were rude, struggled with addiction, or I only met them yesterday, they were a person and them leaving this world is a loss. It can be a blessing if they were suffering, or wanted to be on the other side with their loved ones, but it is still a loss. This TED talk very much opens the door to the conversation so many people hate to have and sheds light on a different view of death.

Dog Shaming


I love to send these to G randomly. Amazing.

Magnificent Muffins and Bagels


AWHHHH, Welcome to the gates of Heaven. This place is literally 3 doors down from my front door. They are open 6am-noon and sell muffins and bagels. If you only do two things, you should know how to do it right..and they crush it. Its a small store which I believe is owned by an older couple that sits in the corner drinking coffee as they bark orders at people working. Everyone that works there is sassy and if you don’t know what you want when you get to the counter, you get nothing. I haven’t had a muffin yet but I have had their breakfast sandwiches and an everything with chive. I am a serious breakfast sandwich snob and these are hands down my favorite so far. Monica and I have a bagel date on our way to work today…..can’t wait!

Leave a comment! Whats your favorite kind of breakfast sandwich or bagel?

Venting a little, Sweating a lot

So, Monday was a crappy day at work. I was only there for 8 hours but it felt more like 20. I don’t want to get into it, and don’t want this blog to be a negative space, but I was annoyed. I love being a nurse. However, it is very frustrating that in healthcare you always have to watch your back and protect your butt. This usually amounts to documentation, documentation, documentation. And sometimes arguing with people, which I hate. Thankfully, I learned how to protect my behind very early on in my nursing career, but sometimes just the fact that I have to so I can defend myself, and my practice, to other people is just straight up sad. Anyways, let’s finish this rant by saying I am so incredibly thankful that I work with people who are smart, helpful, and who stick up for me.

Needless to say I was happy to have Tuesday off and needed to get my body moving. I’ve been slacking SO much on working out which needs to change. (Especially since this is supposed to be a healthy living blog!…..or the journey to a healthy life at least.) So I told myself today I would go the gym and run/jog for 30 minutes. Guess what…….I did it!


And I was so happy that I did. I was able to sweat out my frustration of Monday and calm down a bit. I’ve been having a lot of what the eff am I doing with my life moments these days and I forget how dang important exercise is for me mentally. I also really want to shift this blog more over to what I want it to be and use it as motivation… bear with me guys….

I think the best way to make this happen is to set some goals. Lets start with the short term and talk about goals for the next week…

Sweat it out Wednesday and Sunday, stretch Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

I’m working twelves on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which means I won’t make it to the gym. It took me a long time to not feel super guilty about not working out on the days I was working. But honestly, at the end of a twelve hour day I am so wiped physically, mentally, and emotionally that I can only handle dinner and going to bed. This means I need to be better about getting more serious work outs in on my days off. These will be my “sweat it out” days where I really get my heart pumping and an “intense” workout. (They aren’t intense, I need to work up to that). I also want to start stretching more before bed on the nights I do work. I think this will make me feel so much better physically and promote better sleep! Win, win!

Be in bed at 10pm (lights out, eyes closed) on nights I have to work in the morning

I’m really bad at this one. My sleep schedule gets really insane because I flip from working days and nights so often. I also feel so out of touch with my social life when I work a twelve hour day that by the time I get home I want to chat and hang out. But then I always complain how tired I am the next day at work. I need to treat myself like a child and tell myself to go the eff to sleep.

Bring a water bottle to work


And drink it. I am AWFUL at drinking water at work. It’s so bad….sometimes I only pee once all day. Holy not healthy. However, I found when I bring my nalgene to work I actually can put away at least two of them. I always feel more awake and energized when I drink enough water throughout the day.

Eat something green with lunch or dinner everyday 

I really hate veggies and it can be hard for me to incorporate them into my diet without getting creative. Sometimes I really slack on getting my greens in and want to be better about it. C’mon Court, roasted frozen brussel sprouts are so easy and yummy!

Investigate a class to take next week


I’ve been eyeing a yoga groupon and also have been super curious about spinning recently. I’m hoping to venture out and get myself into a class next week. I love classes but always make them out to be a bigger deal in my head than they are and get worked up and self conscious.

Anyone want to share some short term health goals? Let’s make it happen!