Last Thursday Gordon and I went to Gaslight, a french restaurant, in the South End for dinner. Boston was having restaurant week, where a lot of restaurants in the city offer a few dishes for each course to create a menu for a fix price. It’s really an awesome idea since you can explore different parts of the city, different types of food, and fancier places without breaking the bank. This is actually only my second time doing it, the first being at Mama Maria in the North End with a bunch of friends in high school when we paid in a bunch of small bills and I counted wrong. ANYWAYS, on to Gaslight….!


(I didn’t feel comfortable whipping out my phone at dinner to take photos of my food since it was such a lovely atmosphere so you’ll just have to take my word and trust that it looked really nice.)

The inside of the restaurant was adorable. They had subway tiles on the wall, candles lit everywhere, and big long curtains hanging around the doorways and windows. At first I was a little bummed we couldn’t sit on the patio outside but once we were at our table inside I wasn’t upset anymore.

Gordon had to pee when we got there and the waiter came over immediately and was talking to me as if I were dining alone. (Been there, done that, no shame). So, I told him “Oh, my date is here but he’s in the bathroom.” Then the waiter said, “Oh ok, let me know if you need an emergency cocktail” and walked away. I was so confused. And then I realized I should have said my boyfriend and not my date because this guy thought it was like a first date. At first I felt embarrassed but then realized it could be fun. So, I told him “Oh, yeah. I could definitely use one of those…” I obviously told Gordon but it was fun to pretend like we were on a first date!


Back to the important stuff….

I started with a drink, obviously. I got “Le Jardin,” recommendation of our waiter, which had Gin, cucumber, elderflower, white grape juice. It was super tasty but a little bit sweeter than I usually go for….I wasn’t upset about it. Gordon got “Deveraux,” which had Bourbon, elderflower, lemon, bubbles. Kid loves his bourbon, but his drink was also sweet. I know because I tasted it and almost thought I liked Bourbon for a second.

For our first course I got the Arugula & Boucheron Salad (hazelnuts, lemon thyme honey, vinaigrette frambroise) which was so good. Gordon got the Goat Cheese Beignets (olive tapenade & roasted tomato confit) which I obviously stole a bite of and was jealous that he ordered cheese for an appetizer when I had arugula in front of me.

We both got the “Parisian Gnocchi” (pulled duck confit, sweet corn, oyster mushrooms, lemon tarragon pistou) for our meals. At this point I started to feel really full but also bullied Gordon into getting some wine for us and wasn’t ready to quit. I polished of my plate, like a champ, and enjoyed every single bite.

For dessert we split the “Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake” and the “Lemon Souflé Glacé.” The chocolate cake rocked my world. It was dark and soft and delicious. I don’t know if it was the wine I had before we left but I expected the Lemon dessert to be cake. I was a little confused when they brought out a pudding, but I still ate it and enjoyed it. And now am realizing that it was never a cake and I just drink too much wine….. #noregrets.

I absolutely loved Gaslight! It had a great atmosphere, service, and most importantly, food. I can’t wait to go back!

I’m heading down to the Cape for a fundraiser and then moving tomorrow. Happy Monday!


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