Things I’m loving Friday #1

A few blogs I read (the only two blogs I read) do a “Things I’m loving Friday” post. Each Friday they share things that they are loving, as simple as that. They are hands down my favorite thing to read so I figured I would try and bring it on over to ScoopingRN!

Salt and Vinegar Almonds


Confession: I bought these at Christmas Tree Shop. I used to hate that place but was wandering through with my mom and these caught my eye. When I was younger I HATED salt and vinegar anything with a passion but have found myself loving it recently. When I saw these I didn’t think twice about throwing them in my cart and giving them a shot. They are so so so delicious. They taste like salt and vinegar chips but are almonds so I get to pretend I’m being healthy.

Maine Beer Co.


This beer has been sitting in my fridge for a solid month now. It was a limited batch that I nabbed at the brewery in Maine and just haven’t had the heart to drink it just to feel so sad when it is gone. But, I’m moving next week and figured I should drink it so someone didn’t have to transport it for me (valid excuse to crack a beer at 5 o’clock…right?). Thankfully I have another trip to Maine on the horizon and I can’t wait to stop by their tasting room again.

Guy annoying his girlfriend at Ikea

Gordon sent me this video right before I was walking into an interview and it absolutely slayed me. Pure gold.

Custom Corn Hole Set


My sister Jenny had a friend make this custom corn hole set for the fundraiser next week for my Cousin’s scholarship fund. How awesome are these? I need them.

Liquor store signs on the way home from work 


I pass this liquor store on my way to and from work. I’ve actually never been inside because I’ve heard it’s mad sketchy but was told to check out their signs. They only change the sign once a month but oh, boy, is it a treat when they do. (I can’t figure out how to make the pictures bigger… blogger fail. Sign 1: Jazz Hands, All dance battles must be scheduled in advance. Sign 2: No Whammys, No Whammys, No shirt no service, No underwear call me.)

Hope you all have a nice weekend! I’m off to Country Fest! 🙂


One thought on “Things I’m loving Friday #1

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi Court, loving your blog, just reading now after helping you pack. Hopefully we have a smooth week with back to school, moving etc. Keep writing. Can I forward this and how. I know a few people who would love it. Maureen. Sharon along with others. Love you, Mom

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