Stitch Fix #1

I’m a shopper. I know I am. I love new clothes, new accessories, new anything. But sometimes it can be frustrating to sift through racks or wander around the mall looking for something that catches my eye. I had heard about Stitch Fix a while ago through blogs and girls at work but had never tried it. Then, my sister Kerry told me she did it. She was telling me about what she got in her box and how much she loved it so I decided to give it a go.

For those of you who don’t know about Stitch fix, it’s a company that has personal stylists. These stylists have you fill out a style profile and questionnaire to get started. These questions include simple things, like your size, and also ask what types of clothing you like. After they have an idea of the clothes and accessories you wear, they put together a “fix” for you. Your fix includes 5 items which they send right to your door. You can try them on at home and send back what you don’t want and keep what you love.

I took Kerry’s advice and spent some time building up my Style Pintrest board, being sure to pin things I like and would actually wear. I also was sure to specify that I did not want accessories since I am particular and already have so many. Finally I told them I am a nurse and wear scrubs to work so I only wanted to be sent casual and date night clothing. I heard to be VERY specific when telling your stylist about you and what you like to ensure you receive items you like.

Let’s get to it….(I apologize for these photos, I woke up early after a night shift to open my box because I was so excited! Also, shout out to my roomie Monica for letting my use her full length mirror all the time.)

#1 Market&Spruce Cargo Jacket, #2 Market&Spruce Boyfriend tank


My stylist was spot on with this jacket. I realized after the fact that I had pinned A TON of these so it makes sense they sent it. I was a little bummed because I had just ordered a very similar jacket from J. Crew so I was conflicted about whether I should keep it or not. The tank top was long, almost too long, but very soft and comfortable. I was on the fence about this one because I don’t think it is something I would have picked out in the store but I was totally diggin’ it while trying it on.

#3 Le Lis Back Panel Top, #4 Just Black Boyfriend Jeans


I really liked this top but felt a little a little guilty when I opened it just because I already have so many like it. But once I put it on I couldn’t take it off never mind think about sending it back. I loved the colors and was obsessed with the back paneling. On to the jeans… I LOVE THESE JEANS. I bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans about two years ago from Francesca’s and loved them. However they have shrunk (I refuse to believe I grew) and just don’t fit quite as well anymore (I think I’m going to vomit when I button them). Anywho……. when I saw these jeans in my box my first thought was “Crap. What a waste, these totally aren’t going t fit.” But then I put them on and my heart did backflips. They looked adorable cuffed and I was trying them on with sandals, sneaks and booties and couldn’t get enough! I loved the shading and that they were distressed but didn’t have gaping holes in them, just some character.

#5 Renee C Maxi Dress


This was the toughest call in the box. I’ve been looking for a Maxi dress ever since they have been in stores and became a trend. Every one I tried on just looked so weird on me. I was still undecided at first when I put this on. I liked the neck line and the pattern. Something I hadn’t tried on before was a maxi with a slit, and this one had a small one on the side which I really liked. I also sent a picture of this dress to my boyfriend and he said I looked beautiful so you can bet I kept it.

DECISIONS: I kept everything! Stitch fix gives you 20% off your purchase if you keep everything. I knew I wanted to keep the jeans and the lace panel top. The boyfriend tank was comfy and simple and I knew it would be a good addition to my wardrobe. The dress was very different from anything I had in my closet so I thought it would be fun to keep. So, the only thing left to decide on was the jacket. I did out the math and the difference between keeping it and getting the discount, or sending it back and keeping everything else, was $10. I thought to myself, “Would I pay $10 for this jacket?” The answer was yes and it has been given a good home on the hook by my front door.

Stitch Fix also sends you style cards which I think is SO smart. It gives you ideas of two different looks you can obtain from each piece. This makes each item more appealing and accessible. (And just makes me want all the other clothes on shoes on the card).


I need to find that black dress paired with the jacket….

Overall I would definitely say Stitch Fix is worth a shot. The clothes seem high quality, I definitely like all them, and it was fun to see different brands than I normally buy. I think it would be too expensive to do every month and the impulse shopper in my would come out and be ugly. But I’m thinking it would be a fun thing to do every season so I’m trying to hold off until Fall to order another fix!

When you sign up for Stitch Fix you pay $20, that money then becomes a credit towards anything you keep in your first fix. You also get a credit if you refer someone and they schedule a fix. Do yourself a favor and your girl a solid and check it out!


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